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Comment Re:Move to a higher order port and use denyhosts (Score 1) 497

While I agree that changing the port is nothing more than obfuscation - which is a terrible security policy, it should be noted that it still probably will eliminate the portion of break-in attempts that come from script kiddies, zombie machines, and the like, because they're probably just looking for stuff on common ports and moving on to the next machine.

However, if someone wants to get into my system specifically, they're going to do exactly what you described, and they're not going to be fooled by the "Port 55432" in my sshd_config.

So, even though you've eliminated some of the risk, it's really not much of a solution.

Comment Re:reality distortion field (Score 1) 1010

"people" are not buying tablet PCs because they generally cost $2000.

That's recently changed. However, most tablet PCs are targeted towards serious corporate users and not marketed as cheap throwaway consumer appliances.

There are some tablet PCs that you could bludgeon an iPad with. The iPad would be broken in 2, but the tablet PC would still be chugging along.

Comment Re:lets see (Score 1) 215

oh is it. the whole history of u.s.a belies your comment. it is one of the two countries with bureaucratic tradition, and up till last decade it was the most free place on earth.

china is not bureaucratic. it doesnt have bureaucratic tradition. a bureaucrat cant resist any unreasonable order from the elected officials there

The U.S. does not have a bureaucratic tradition. China has a 2,000 plus year tradition of bureaucracy. You have a terrible understanding of history. There is no point in further discussion.
I will repeat one final point. In my life time, no law that has been passed by Congress in less than 6 months has been a bad law that has had consequences that horrified those who supported the law.

Comment Re:I call BS (Score 1) 596

I probably do have some of the facts wrong, it was a while back. And I am not a lawyer, but a buddy of mine is. He tells me stories about this stuff, and that's one of the stories that he tells me about. He has told me about cases such as those linked above.

So I'm not going to sit here and say that I'm 100% positive about what I said. But I will say that based on what I've been told by a trustworthy person who would be positive about it, I'm inclined to believe it.

YMMV, but I wouldn't suggest actually putting it to the test.

Comment Re:Stop becoming Soap Operas (Score 1) 708

Defying gravity, while interesting, was definitely not a science fiction show. Straight up soap opera with lots of dollar signs thrown around and few new ideas to really show for it.
Also, it holds the record for most psychotic space crew ever in a tv show. Seriously, the crew on that ship had way too many personal issues and instabilities to even be considered for a mission like that.

Comment Re:4932% Growth - Imagine That (Score 1) 158

<quote> <p>The people who are the heaviest users and the most dissatisfied with the service will pretty quickly cough up the ETF and switch to the first competitor that offers it. After a few months, this alone may very well have a noticeable effect on network performance.</p><p>More importantly, though, as AT&amp;T actually begins to feel the financial effects of fleeing iPhone users, they're going to have no choice but to ramp up the infrastructure upgrades to compete. In other words, the market will actually start working like it's supposed to.</p></quote>

How do you explain Verizon's switch to a heft $350 ETF for Droid and BlackBerry users on Nov 16? It looks to me like they fear new offerings on AT&T will continue to draw the cream of their user base. There are only a handful of users who have bought droid as of today but to read the posts on Gizmodo they have already discovered a lot of pain compared to the AT&T iPhone. No one seems really thought through what they were going to give up by picking up a Droid.

The funniest Gizmodo recommendation was for Droid users to also buy a Zune in order to do video and TV if that is what they want. This sort of discovery causes dissatisfied people to want to immediately get rid of their new high tech toy.

Comment Re:It's also faster than Python (Score 1) 158

Interpreted languages can most certainly be faster/slower than other interpreted languages due to semantic design alone.

Pick one language that you would call slow and one language that you would call fast. I guarantee that I can write an interpreter for your "fast" language that is slower than the most commonly used interpreter for your "slow" language.

Comment The best part? A Direct line to RIAA. (Score 1) 358

Ok, I did RTFA, and also some public court documents.

Well, Mr. Steven Marks, representing the "Executive Vice President & General Counsel" of the RIAA has decided to share his email with us, so please everyone, please feel free to send him your thoughts, feeling, etc on the subject of music copyrights, which may include but mot be limited to pictures of feces if you deem it to be appropriate.


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