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Comment Re:Don't RTFA (Score 2, Insightful) 376

These aren't words that write themselves for you - this is a cleverly disguised level seven wizard spell, Runes of Inducing Headache. I honestly tried to RTFA - it is one of the most deliberately complex things I've ever waded into.

However, the retort from Globe and Mail that tries to refute the study basically needs one big [citation needed] tag written under the whole thing.

Comment Re:I disagree (Score 1) 165

Say chap, I just read this slash dot post the other day, I think you might like it, allow me to repeat it to you verbatim !

This guy, he was important or something, or i think he was, im not sure, i can't remember what he did.... anyways this guy, he wrote a play... or was it a book? Shit. Uh. well, he was old, and he sounded like he knew stuff. So he told me that...uhh...that... shit. He said that Elizabeth had a great set of... breasts. Or memories. Or something. I don't know who Elizabeth was though, I assumed he was talking about his wife but i dunno. So she went home and yelled at her kids, cause they were making unauthorized copies of some The Folios, the band, and letting people download it on the internet. She had got this letter from the RIAA, being sued for like upteen bajillion dollars. So yeah. It was bad.

Comment Re:There's a device that's going to annihilate it (Score 0, Offtopic) 277

The HitlerHitler

No, see you got modded "Flamebait".

Here, let me give you some tips of where you could've gone with it:

  1. That's some serious joo-joo going on there!
  2. Well, I hope that company has got the Mojo for the joo joo!
  3. Joo-joo, isn't that a martial art?
  4. Does it come with Windows? No? Oh that's good Joo-joo!
  5. Is it FOSS? If not that's bad Joo-joo


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