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Submission + - Evolved Art Competition: Evolve the new BEACON logo! (

Rhiever writes: "Want to experience evolution first-hand?

We are happy to announce that the NSF BEACON Center for the Study of Evolution in Action is hosting an evolved art competition running from March 1st through May 31st, 2013. The goal of this competition is to evolve an alternative lighthouse to the BEACON lighthouse on the collaborative art evolution web site Picbreeder ( The top three lighthouses submitted will receive monetary awards of $200 (1st place), $100 (2nd place), and $50 (3rd place). With control over the creative power of evolution, can you evolve BEACON’s new logo?"


Submission + - Intercontinental mind-meld unites two rats (

ananyo writes: "The brains of two rats on different continents have been made to act in tandem. When the first, in Brazil, uses its whiskers to choose between two stimuli, an implant records its brain activity and signals to a similar device in the brain of a rat in the United States. The US rat then usually makes the same choice on the same task.
Miguel Nicolelis, a neuroscientist at Duke University in Durham, North Carolina, says that this system allows one rat to use the senses of another, incorporating information from its far-away partner into its own representation of the world. “It’s not telepathy. It’s not the Borg,” he says. “But we created a new central nervous system made of two brains.
Nicolelis says that the work, published today, is the first step towards constructing an organic computer that uses networks of linked animal brains to solve tasks. But other scientists who work on neural implants are sceptical."

Submission + - 25 Most Beastly Robotic Animals (

alphadogg writes: This can’t be what Mother Nature had in mind. But robotics advances in recent years have included a seemingly nonstop stream of creatures who buzz, kick and perform all sorts of duties that can help mankind by getting into hard-to-reach spaces, exploring underwater and through the air, and carrying heavy loads. Here's at look at 25 of these robotic beasts.

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