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Comment Re:The choice is Apple's to make (Score 0, Flamebait) 731

There are already Flash apps in the App Store, published before the updated agreement. Perhaps Apple determined that they did, in fact, suck?

Well, according to you, they're still in the app store, so apparently not.

The one thing that nobody ever talks about is, we know that Apple has been doing a lot of automated processing on the binaries to ensure they are in compliance with other areas of the SDK upon submission. What if they determined that output from other compilers were breaking their system...

Then that's really their problem. How hard would it be to make the automated system capable of testing compliance on this "output from other compilers"?

Remember, Adobe was offering to compile to Objective-C. I really don't see how that would cause this kind of problem anyway.

Developers have been pushing for faster approval times since the App Store opened. Automated compliance testing is the way to make that happen.

No, relaxing douchey rules like how much clothing your aerobics instructor has to wear is the way to make that happen. Allowing third-party app stores is a way to make it happen rather quickly.

Is it better to use any tool you want, but wait months for approval? Or use Apple's own tools and have it approved almost instantaneously?

Is it better for Apple to make that decision for you? Or to be able to decide yourself whether it's worth the wait to use your own tool?

Comment Re:but... (Score 0, Redundant) 246

Interesting question, to which there is a definitive and correct answer: A single syllable word.

From the docs:
      "Vim is pronounced as one word, like Jim, not vi-ai-em. It's written with a capital, since it's a name, again like Jim."

vi, on the other hand, is pronounced as two separate letters:
      It's pronounced as if it were initials: ``vee eye''.
      Not ``six''.
      Not ``vye''.
      But ``vee eye''.

Comment Microsofts creative stats has been known for ages. (Score 0, Troll) 84

Microsofts very creative way of handling security has been known for a long time. Instead of fixing the bugs they go for the statistics. By downplaying any security issue until openly proven wrong and rate vulnerabilities as low as possible the statistics look much better.

Another smart move was UAC that puts all the blame on the user but doesnt fix the underlying security issues.

Comparing only Windows to Linux + All applications is also very deceptive, especially with the practices above in mind.

The sad thing is, it works. People tend to think Microsoft has improved their security when infact Windows 7 in many cases are worse than than its predecessor. If you lie enough times with a straight face stupid cheep will think its true.

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