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Submission + - Google's Death at Indiana U. Highly Exaggerated?

msmoriarty writes: Looks like earlier reports of Indiana University dropping Google in favor of people-driven ChaCha search (as featured in this Slashdot item from Saturday) weren't exactly accurate. This afternoon the university's Vice President of Technology Brad Wheeler told a reporter from that Google isn't going anywhere — at least not yet. From the article:

"...the deal with ChaCha is not an exclusive one, but one involving a variety of technologies, including ChaCha and Google. Reports have stated that IU planned to drop Google entirely from its technology repertoire; this is not the case, as the university continues to run searches off its Google Search Appliances, and a decision has not yet been made as to whether Google will be dropped from the mix or not.

Wheeler indicated that the university will likely reevaluate the use of Google Search Appliances in about a year when its current licenses expire.
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Journal Journal: The Middle Eastern Islamic Moderate: A Mythical Animal? 30

Ok, you can call this JE the definate admission to something you've all suspected about me for some time. I've lost ALL faith in the possibility of resolving peace within the next 15 generations of mankind. I think our current administration (By firing generals and intelligence sources that didn't toe to their lies) have corrupted the middle management of the armed forces to the point that they don't know how to win a war against Islamic Extremeists. They were counting on big support from the
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Submission + - Why should I care about global warming?

An anonymous reader writes: Everyday, I hear about global warming/climate change. But no one ever states why I should care. Can someone give me a compelling reason in a single sentence why I should care about global warming? Really, what is the big fuss about? Is it because you are concerned that the human race will die out? I do not find this concern compelling enough for me to stop driving a SUV, flying in a jumbo jet, using the A/C or keeping the heater on in the winter. Ultimately, our planet will die anyway when our sun dies. I just wish someone could give me a very simple reason why I should care personally about global warming.... a reason compelling enough for me to want to keep the A/C off and be less comfortable.

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