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Comment Re:/. won't either (Score 1) 448

Why should I buy Benneton based on any pictures?

"Oh look at that high fructose syrup filled cereal. It has nice pictures, so I trust it to be healthy" Really?

Ads lie! Sorry I have to break that to you, but putting ANY trust in ads is naive. Advertisers have their own agenda. Ever had and ever will.

No idea who is the zombie now...

Comment Re:/. won't either (Score 4, Interesting) 448

But it would be really simple here: That activation phrase is already annoying enough. ("Hey Siry" rolls like something you'd normaly say to someone, but chanting some company name to get results back sounds more like arcane magic summoning a demon from mammon's hell..)

Why not use individualized activation phrases?

Give your "personal assistant" some personality! A name of it's own, randomly modulate the speech synthesis parameters a bit for each device, and BK would need to go "OK John, OK Helen, OK Majel, OK Eliza, OK HAL..." and the spot would be over without triggering any device

Comment Re:/. won't either (Score 3, Insightful) 448

Shocked, ok. but how did they "abuse the trust"? What trust du you have (or do you need) to buy a plain sweater withthe only difference from other china produced mass market ware is a certain word?

And for the return to obscurity.. That's what's happening to all mass market fashon brands. They start with an exclusive price tag and everyone wants a genuine "Foobar" shirt. Then profits are increased by becomming more and more "available" (both in number of stores and price) until everyone will buy them. And when the early adopters give the first pieces to welfare, the brand folds.

Comment Re:Proxy Variables (Score 1) 238

Then instead of height use one of the proxies mentioned above in this thread: Negotiating skills

Discriminating on those is absolutely legal as for any but blue-collar jobs, it will be part of your job one way or the other.

If on average male are better at this (maybe due to the fact that slamming their fist on the table is socially accepted and sign of leadership instead of bitchyness), you have your "proxy" variable. And it isn't even completely "proxy" as it is indeed part of most job requirements

Comment Re:Common Sense calling - Women have babies (Score 1) 238

Google offers several months' paid leave to both mothers and fathers, and all are strongly encouraged to take it.

I'm not blaming Google of this, but "encouraging" would technically still cover "encouraging despite the inevitable career drawbacks"

I've seen enough cases where companies try to encourage a certain kind of behavior through trainings, policies, motivational posters and the usual stuff instead of removing the reward for doing otherwise.

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