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Comment Re:Another step toward tyeanny (Score 1) 258

The Euro is probably readily exchanged but has not been quite as stable and is probably not usable as a local currency.

Please define a "stable" exchange rate when referring to a single currency.

A Euro has always been a Euro and will always be a Euro, but remember how the USD tanked to 1,055 Eur minutes after Trumps election?

Comment Re: Don't give him ideas (Score 1) 555

But most phones still should have separate settings for those Broadcasts. Separate, yes, active by default, yes. Look for "cell broadcasts". I can confirm that I have those settings and turned them ON, hoping that someone would be clever enough to finally use them for public alerts. Still nothing, but it worked when I was in the US.

Comment Re: Seriously? (Score 1) 88

Supercomputers are given away today in cereal boxes and kids complain about how hard they have it....

no, they dont complain. which is part of the problem.

as long as facebook and instasnap are running on their phones, they are fine.

with a c64 or any other computer back at the days, you couldnt do anything without putting some effort or creativity in.

as a poster said two posts up, we asked oursekves: how can we make our own games? THAT is was no one does anymore. computers became the new TVs, consuming pre made software

Comment Re:Block everyone or the driver? (Score 1) 291

It's not only about text messages.

it's about not showing texts, but still keeping the phone useable as a GPS or radio. For bonus points: Read out incoming texts through text-to-voice automatically and the music apps switch to some large button GUI, search through voice and "feeling lucky" only rather than showing long result lists.

and, yes.. well... block the start of Candy Crush and Angry Birds completly for those without self control

All that would switch in a special mode.

Comment Re:Dear Apple fans: (Score 1) 471

I think China can do quality, too, if you ask them to and pay for it.

Germany on the other hand would show you the door if you asked them to do cheap. That's a matter of labor costs/cost of living and pride over here. So we rather come up with something that's worth the premium as we know that we have to compete with China and no one will shell out more if you can get the same quality elsewhere.

Comment Re:Block everyone or the driver? (Score 1) 291

According to the summary, this should work like airplane mode.

So, how does your phone detect that you're in an airplane? Right. It doesn't. It relies on the user putting the phone into a mode that can be operated safely in a plane.

So, the driver and only the driver would set his phone to car mode. In other words: This is about having all manufacturers something like "Android Auto".

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