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Submission + - IAP could easily have prevented Aurora-attacks ( 1

bhsbulldozer writes: An IT security researcher and sys admin offers an interesting write-up on the shortcomings of current AV solutions, and how the Aurora attack that penetrated several large US corporations last year could have been prevented. The article also puts emphasis on how heuristics or signature scanning is almost impossible with the advanced obfuscation techniques of current generation malware. The post also includes a video demonstrating possible next-gen malware detection — and is worth a look.

Comment Re:How can that be? (Score 1) 978

Or you could just stop being a pussy and lift heavy and hard for 3 1-hour sessions, and stop doing low-intensity cardio. If you can play fucking Nintendo DS while working out - you aren't working out, you're 'exercising'. Also drop some unneccessary carbs from your diet, and you'd loose at probably 40 pounds over the same period - while also gaining 6 hours a week.

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