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Comment Re:It only took a self drving car. (Score 1) 383

In Houston, we have several excellent off-street bike paths, but many more miles of on-street bike lanes. Those are mostly terrible. In most cases, bicycles in Texas may use any street that a car may use, excepting highways. Personally, I've ridden the streets in Houston for many years without serious incident and prefer them to the so-called bike lanes which, as I noted, are mostly terrible.

Comment Re:It's not Google's responsibility... (Score 1) 332

And what of those people who lack the mental acuity to make such distinctions? Should we provide no guidance to children or to persons who have never been exposed to enlightenment thinking? Someone who has been steeped in Neo-Nazi thinking their entire lives might not find anything objectionable at Stormfront. Conservative Christians really don't understand evolution or scientific principles, subscribing instead to easily debunked myths and magical thinking. Should we just let it slide, or should we take some minimal steps to show that, no, society at large does not endorse such views? Is your answer really just to let the fools figure it out for themselves?

Comment Re: My Dell XPS that came with Linux installed... (Score 1) 288

My Dell Inspiron has no issues with wifi or any other hardware. Well, so long as I stick with the 4.4 kernel. The video drivers in 4.5 and up cause me some problems that I haven't taken the time to quash, though preliminary research suggests it's a configuration issue that should be easily resolved. This is a laptop that was designed for Windows.

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