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Submission + - Windows 8 to reduce memory footprint (

bheer writes: "Microsoft's Windows 8 blog has a good post about the work being done to reduce Windows 8's memory footprint. The OS will use multiple approaches to do this, including combining RAM pages, re-architecting old bits of code and adding new APIs for more granular memory management. Interestingly, it will also let services start on a trigger and stop when needed instead of running all the time."

Submission + - Ars Technica and the Adblock Wars (

bheer writes: "Respected tech site Ars Technica set off a minor firestorm on Friday when, without warning, readers using Adblock saw just a headline on Ars story pages. There was no indication that the content had also been blocked. Readers who complained were treated to comments by Ars staff calling them "leechers" who were "held in contempt". Ars has since adopted a more conciliatory approach, posting an article called Why Ad Blocking is devastating to the sites you love and calling Friday an 'experiment' and appealing to users to whitelist Ars in their adblockers or subscribe ($50/yr). The comment thread to this story is one of the longest Ars has ever had and is filled with many cogent criticisms of Ars's current ad-serving practices (they currently use DoubleClick and Flash) as well as explanations by Ars staff about how text/static ads alone don't pay the bills for a site that creates original content."

Submission + - IE 0-day attack used in Chinese attack (

bheer writes: "A zero-day attack on IE was used to carry out the cyber attack on Google and others that's been getting so much ink recently, reports The Register quoting McAfee's CTO. While the web (and security) community has been pointing out the problems with IE's many security flaws (and its sluggish update cycle) in the past, IE shows no sign of vanishing from the corporate landscape. Will this latest, high-profile incident open CIO's eyes to the risk they're facing?"

Submission + - A Science Scandal - Yamal Tree-ring Data Cherrypic (

bheer writes: "The Register has a story about how at least eight papers purporting to reconstruct the historical temperature record times may need to be revisited, with significant implications for contemporary climate studies. In every case, peer review failed to pick up the errors. The Bishop Hill blog has an related piece describing how Steve McIntyre of ClimateAudit doggedly chased scientific journals for the raw data, and how he had to work around obfuscated data to arrive at his conclusions. Perhaps science journals should learn a trick or two from the GPL, and require authors to publish science data in the most preferred format for analysing it?"

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