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Comment Re:I actually spent the 2 hours to RTFA (Score 1) 467

I totally agree; I too was left very concerned after reading his thoughtful and thorough analysis. And I'm really disappointed that (practically) no one on Slashdot took a look at it. Especially after reading his analysis of confirmation bias and so on, the knee-jerk responses on this thread are particularly disheartening.

Comment Re:native sdk - its about time. (Score 1) 49

So, you going to port liberty over? ;) So we don't have to try and run it in Classic. And yeah, I remember you as another regular from the old PalmOS mailing list about 10 years ago

Liberty was written in 68k assembler :) we ported it to MIPS for a contract job. but no; gameboy emulation; plenty of other options available out there.. but i do intend to bring some of my other palm os games up-to-date :P

Comment Re:System tuning... (Score 1) 504

you're missing that most computers come off the shelf with Windows and all the other crapware pre-installed. Reinstalling windows is something you and I can do in our sleep... but many users can't.

No, I'm not missing that. I'm just saying that most of us don't need to engage in the careful art of real "system tuning".

IMHO, if Best Buy were charging people $40 to reinstall the OS and drivers from scratch, install all of the applications the customer wanted (and none that they didn't want), and do some basic post-install configuration (set up user accounts, click "OK" on all the EULAs, install all updates, etc.), then I would think that wasn't a bad value. In fact, if that was a service that they would do for any computer you brought in, assuming they did a good job at it, then I might advise computer novices to take their computer in for that service every year or two.

I'm guessing that's not exactly what they're doing, though.

Comment Don't wake me until Google Voice supports porting (Score 2, Insightful) 164

Heck, I would even pay a small monthly fee, maybe a buck or two a month to port my existing cell phone number. This is a number I have had since cell phones became popular. I would gladly port it, cancel my current Verizon phone, and then shop for the best plan out there regardless of carrier. Google voice would free me to have a device and plan morph with the changes in my lifestyle over time.

Comment Re:Bad news for Apple? (Score 0, Troll) 190

If Apple's and Microsoft's market shares were reversed, it wouldn't be different at all. But Apple by no means has a monopoly on PCs. This is about IBM abusing its mainframe monopoly. If Sun, etc were as big as IBM it would be ok, but it's not.

But Apple does have a monopoly on Mac hardware - just as IBM has on IBM hardware. the fact that there are other platforms that run other OS's is irrelevant

One rule for all.

Comment I'm surprised there isn't less of this (Score 1) 136

Ever since multiplayer PC gaming, I have been surprised that I have not heard about phishing mods or virus mods. When you connect to a modded server, most multiplayer PC games will automatically download and execute scripts that run within the game engine. It shocks me that nobody has found a way to break out of the game engine sandbox and compromise a machine.

Now, consoles don't (AFAIK) support downloading mods. But I imagine that there would be similar attacks based on sending garbage data to the server as a way to compromise it. From there, you should be able to access a lot of information or launch more serious attacks.

Does anyone know of this happening?

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