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Comment Re:Terrorist will just use children (Score 1) 480

You do realize your statement could be reversed to apply to the "War on Terror", do you?

"War on Terror" is largely a US/UK initiative. Other Western countries (and GP talked about "the West", not "US") don't have much to do with that as a whole - only the more meaningful parts, such as trying to stabilize Afghanistan.

Yet, if you turn to the guys on the other side of the barricades - what are they saying?

Bomb, bomb Denmark!
Bomb, bomb Germany!
Bomb, bomb France!
Bomb, bomb Spain!
Allahu Akbar! ...
Nuke, nuke Denmark!

If you can explain how U.S., or invasions of Arab countries in general, have anything whatsoever to do with opinions expressed by Muslims in the video linked above, I'm all ears.

Comment Re:But how can you trust the results? (Score 1) 260

I agree with this in principle, but, in practice, it doesn't seem to come up as often as one might think. I frequently use NCSA's Lincoln cluster with 384 Teslas. Early on, I discovered some "hard" memory errors (repeatable bad bits or rows). These were very early boards, which apparently hadn't been fully tested. This prompted the admins at NCSA to write the GPU equivalent of memtest86, which they ran for about a month if I recall. After removing the boards with bad memory (about 3-4, if I recall), they didn't encounter any "soft" errors (i.e. random bit flips). NVIDIA's Fermi will have ECC, which is reassuring, but I have found the present generation, without ECC, to be quite reliable. I should also note that the hard errors I found always resulted in NANs/INFs, etc., which are very obvious. I'd be more concerned with "silent" errors that subtly change the results.

Comment Expected Date for Windows 8? (Score 2, Funny) 581

I once read that it took us 30 years to figure out 8 bits then about 5 years to exhaust the abilities of 8 bits so we moved to 16bits which we exhausted in 10 years so we moved to 32bits which took us about 20+ years (this post written on a 32 bit machine which has thus far been far more reliable than the wife's 64 bit machines) to exhaust so following this logic it will take us 40+ years to exhaust 64bits. Does this then mean I can expect Windows 8 in about 2050?

Comment Re:Microsoft is pure genius (Score 1) 830

Huh. That's a little weird. I use the Windows Update driver, because my philosophy is "fuck I'm lazy, let Windows do it", and I've never had any performance problems with games. The Microsoft driver is a little more generic than the one you download from nVidia, so maybe that's that.

Of course, once you install Steam, Steam becomes "driver Nazi" too. There's really no shortage of ways to get drivers auto-updated anymore.

Comment Re:makes sense (Score 1, Insightful) 776

Ok, without digging into this very long rant let me make just a few salient points:

1) Health care is not an entitlement or a right. You have to buy it, just like everything else. That means that there is no guarantee that there will be enough choices to suit your taste or budget available.

2) Because of the second half of point one, I do agree that we need to open up the market for more choices. Among the major options that many right-leaning politicians in America have been pushing is tearing down regulation that has prevented insurance companies from offering low-cost catastrophic-only insurance, and removing regulation that prevents cross-state offerings for insurance. Those two items alone would greatly expand the choices and lower prices across the board for insurance. (IE: more people could afford insurance for the big ticket items, and because of increased competition, prices across the board would drop for all plans.) Please note that the reason these plans and options aren't already out there is because of GOVERNMENT interference in the Market. These kinds of plans used to exist. They were regulated out of existence by the very government you claim can save Health Insurance.

3) Just because it is a choice you don't like doesn't mean you don't have a choice. You ALWAYS have a choice, even if it's a tough one. by saying "I don't have a choice" all you are really saying is "I don't like the choice I have, I'd rather get the government to force YOU to pay for the choice I want." And really, what is that other than a form of theft?

4) In America over 85% of people are fully insured. Of that, 95% are satisfied with their insurance and choices. 10% of the population is VOLUNTARILY uninsured (mostly young people that still think they are immortal) and about 4-5% genuinely are unable to get insurance, mostly because of the lack of low-cost plans.

And yet, ANY PERSON, regardless of insurance or socioeconomic status, is able to walk into an emergency room in America TODAY and receive full treatment without concern over the final cost.

Sounds like an imperfect, but otherwise pretty good system to me. Why trash it?

Comment Re:Problem (Score 0) 639

I don't see why you're all up in a knot about this. I'm merely pointing out that renoX's statement omitted what is basically the substitute for developers 'goodwill' - money. By doing so, he's implying that the commercial projects somehow require less input than non-commercial. If a non-commercial project is important enough to someone with the resources, then funding it to give the give developers a paycheque can substitute where there is insufficient 'goodwill'.

If it's the 'FTFY' style of my reply that bothers you...then you might want to stop reading Slashdot. From the tone of your post, it seems like this website may be bad for your blood pressure.

Comment Re:Premium content (Score 1) 234

Exactly: and to expand on what you said . . . the reason Newspapers are experiencing a decline in recent years is not necessarily because of the "internet", lack of micropayments, etc.

it's due to competition from online journalists, and the new power consumers have to easily find better sources of news. Before, you'd go out on the street, find the paper boy, and buy one, out of a choice of two, maybe (gasp!) three different papers. Now, everyone's got the choice from thousands of different sources online. The quality of the content may or may not actually be better. But readers can target content they're looking for. If it's a model of supply and demand, demand just got much more efficient with the internet. Of course; put up paywalls, and you're going to end up hurting yourself more than helping. The providers who don't use them, will continue to win. Paywalls are a failed experiment. So sad these people just don't learn from such recent and catastrophic failure.

Comment Re:I know this is slashdot..... but XP (Score 1) 432

It depends on what you count as part of the desktop environment.

Afaict explorer handles the taskbar/start menu/toolbars/desktop icons but it does NOT handle stuff like moving/closing/maximising/resising windows by thier title bars or switching between windoes with alt+tab.

explorer seems to take over control of minimising, windows can be minimised without explorer running but they do so in a different way.

note: the above post applies to XP and down, I don't have enough experiance with vista to be sure that the details haven't changed.

Comment Re:no need to make the point, its automatic (Score 1) 1077

It's even simpler than that.

To become a good programmer, you need to be able to read technical documentation for the tools and technologies that you use. Vast majority of said documentation, for both FOSS and commercial offerings, is only available in English. Some of it is available in other languages, but there's no guarantee that it might be available in your particular language; and, furthermore, the quality of that documentation is often sub-par compared to the (English) original.

Same goes for development tools. A lot of stuff is simply English-only. Some isn't, but translation is crap.

So, by the time you become a good programmer, you have to know at least a bit of English already. That's why it's self-selecting.

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