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Comment Re:Use space above roads? (Score 1) 157

I think this "straddling bus" concept might be less expensive and easier to maintain than a monorail or other elevated platform system. You don't need miles upon miles of infrastructure - just regular old rails. So refurbishment of the track should be easier and less expensive.

The busses themselves will be more expensive and more of a pain to work on - you'll need a big garage to house them. And crashing one of these could end up being a lot more catastrophic, since taking out a leg would cause it to fall.

Comment Re:NO WORRIES (Score 1) 265

No, because unlike electric cars those LCD monitors didn't require new support infrastructure. To be the same your computer would have needed an entirely new video port (LCDs can work off of good ol' VGA like a CRT)

LCD's did introduce a new video port standard. It was called DVI.

But to complete your analogy, there are these vehicles called "plug-in hybrids". Think of these as LCD monitors with old-fashioned VGA inputs. It's a transition vehicle that can use both old & new infrastructure. But in the end, VGA died in favor of digital-only inputs for LCD monitors.

and your house/office would have had to be re-wired with a new high-amperage circuit in order to support the monitor.

Most homes already have electricity running to them. Most have 240v service even. It doesn't take much to add an EVSE to allow charging at home. Adding another circuit to your breaker panel doesn't require taking out a home improvement loan.

Comment Re:Free market (Score 2) 297

Why bother, when this problem could be resolved by the free market. I mean, who'd want to buy a power supply that constantly drains power even when it's off?

Because people don't buy power supplies. They buy a phone. Or an answering matchine. Or a router. Or a Roku. Or a printer. They don't care about the wall wart that powers the thing.

Comment Re:the new slow dummies in the left lane (Score 1) 748

Actually, you don't need to enforce it consistently. You get as much compliance, but at a lower cost, if you haphazardly enforce it. If the driver doesn't know when it will be enforced, they will comply. It only takes the possibility of being caught that triggers the behavior.

Given various technologies like radar detectors and the Waze app, many drivers believe that they do have information about when it is being enforce.

Comment ... but it doesn't apply to Elon Musk (Score 4, Informative) 373

Elon Musk's goal is to create a self-sustaining colony on Mars. In order for that to happen, he decided that he would have enough people volunteering to immigrate to Mars to make that happen if he can bring the cost of a ticket to Mars down to $500,000. And in order for that to happen, he needs to find a way to severely bring down the cost of launching rockets.

SpaceX's goal is not the usual corporate goal of making quarterly profits for the shareholders. He is keeping SpaceX private because he knows his goals would never be reached if he were to make it a publicly-owned company.

So while NdGT is probably correct, I think the only reason he will be correct in this case is that Elon Musk will die of old age before SpaceX gets far enough along to make a Mars colony a reality. But I'm really, really hoping that Musk can pull this off.

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