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Comment Re:Kill the market for this crud (Score 1) 60

Google needs to start working with vendors in the markets that use these lower end phones to make secure and reliable hardware. If there are a couple vendors making reliable phones for the ultra low end, with Googles official support and endorsement, it could go a long way in killing the market for these sorts of devices and win them a lot of favor in places where they might not be so highly regarded.

Google created Android One as an attempt to do exactly this. But people who sell phones that are subsidized by malware creators are able to sell those phones for even less. Go figure.

Comment Re:Long term plan (Score 4, Interesting) 93

... and then go on to build a base on the Moon - and dare we hope, on to Mars? They have taken the lead, simple as that, and the rest of the world will follow.

They're slightly ahead of SpaceX in the heavy-launch department, but they're behind in reusability and cost. As long as Musk doesn't meet an early demise, I believe that SpaceX will easily win the race to Mars.

Comment Re:Use space above roads? (Score 1) 157

I think this "straddling bus" concept might be less expensive and easier to maintain than a monorail or other elevated platform system. You don't need miles upon miles of infrastructure - just regular old rails. So refurbishment of the track should be easier and less expensive.

The busses themselves will be more expensive and more of a pain to work on - you'll need a big garage to house them. And crashing one of these could end up being a lot more catastrophic, since taking out a leg would cause it to fall.

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