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Comment Re:Oh please... (Score 1) 686

Freshmen women are dumb and horny. They'll fuck anyone, all you gotta do is be a few years older, have a car, and step up to them. Just don't get your feelings hurt when you discover that you're not the only one in their dick queue. It takes 'em a year or two before they learn to be choosy, and that's when dating 'em is turns into a series of boring job interviews since they rarely have personalities or ability to discuss things other than what is happening immediately around them. Perhaps a chemical in their UGG boots causes their frontal lobes to atrophy.

Let them in, I say. The chauvinist male pigs have dominated the universities for too long. We should correct this by adjusting the admissions process so that all campus freshmeat^W freshmen are composed with a 3:1 Male-female ratio.

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