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Submission + - Indian IT Giant Tata Consultancy Services Hacked. (

benxx writes: TechCrunch reports that the website of Tata Consultancy Services, India’s largest software vendor, has been hacked. TechCrunch also states "The hacker has posted a “For Sale” message on the site, which is written in both French and English. Ironically, the company produces security systems software". However, the TCS website is now up and running.
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Submission + - Opera 10 unveiled.

benxx writes: Opera Software releases the final version of Opera 10 today. Opera says there are three major things in the version 10: Opera Turbo, a new compression technology that speeds up the Internet connection, beautiful interface and better tabs. Opera's official announcement says "In a world of ordinary Web browsers, Opera 10 stands out from the crowd with innovative new features wrapped in an elegant, fresh interface."

Comment Cell phone charges in India (Score 2, Interesting) 827

In India, cell phone rates are the lowest in the world. I spend around 200 Rupees (47.97 Rupees=$1) per month for my cell phone service. I get unlimited free SMS to local cell phone numbers. Incoming calls are free. There are no such things like contact and disconnection fees. There are rate cutter options. If I recharge with 49 Rupees card, I can call any same service number at 10 paisa (100 paisa=1 Rupee) per minute.

Comment Over-engineered idea (Score 1) 167

Indian government always plan impractical, useless to people, high cost projects. Another example: Chandrayan Project ( Man mission to the Moon). ID cards to one billion people means it's a multi-billion dollar (or rupees) project. Huge oppurtunity for government officials and contractors (In interms of corruption).

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