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Submission + - Anonymous kills websites, cartels kill bloggers. (

An anonymous reader writes: While drug cartels in Mexico are disemboweling people they accuse of blogging about drug violence , Anonymous busies its self taking down Mexican government websites. With all the problems facing people in Mexico right now, including drug cartels extorting teachers for 50% of their pay and killing schoolchildren (thus shutting down the school system) Mexico's biggest oil field in terminal decline and drug cartels kidnapping bus loads of people and forcing them into gladiator-style contests to the death Anonymous' actions appear particularly petty. In light of all the problems Mexico is facing, Anonymous' attacks seem about as appropriate as kicking the crutches from under under Tiny Tim.

Submission + - Khronos releases OpenGL 4.2 specification (

jrepin writes: "New functionality in the OpenGL 4.2 specification of high-performance graphics standard includes: Enabling shaders with atomic counters and load/store/atomic read-modify-write operations to a single level of a texture. These capabilities can be combined, for example, to maintain a counter at each pixel in a buffer object for single-rendering-pass order-independent transparency. Capturing GPU-tessellated geometry and drawing multiple instances of the result of a transform feedback to enable complex objects to be efficiently repositioned and replicated. Modifying an arbitrary subset of a compressed texture, without having to re-download the whole texture to the GPU for significant performance improvements. Packing multiple 8 and 16 bit values into a single 32-bit value for efficient shader processing with significantly reduced memory storage and bandwidth, especially useful when transferring data between shader stages."

Submission + - OSX 10.7 Lion Released to Developers (

An anonymous reader writes: Apple has released the much anticipated Mac OSX 10.7 Lion 'Golden Master' to developers. For those that are wondering what 'Golden Master' means, it is pretty much the term Apple uses to reference a final build that hopefully doesn't have any last minute hiccups or bugs before it hits the public.

Submission + - Facebook More Hated Than Banks, Utilities (

jfruhlinger writes: "According to the American Customer Satisfaction Index, Facebook raises a lot of ire among its customers — more than Bank of America or AT&T Mobility. This bodes ill for the company — as blogger Chris Nerney points out, many of the others on the most-hated list are utilities and other companies with monopolies, which can hold customers despite bad service. At least Facebook edged out MySpace."
The Internet

Submission + - Afghans Build Open Source Internet From Trash (

An anonymous reader writes: Residents of Jalalabad have built the FabFi network: an open-source system that uses common building materials and off-the-shelf electronics to transmit wireless ethernet signals across distances of up to several miles.

Submission + - 50 Percent of Smartphone Materials Invented Here (

An anonymous reader writes: The engineer who invented 50 percent of the materials inside your smartphone or laptop just won $650,000 for the Kyoto Prize--the nerd-version of the Nobel Prize. Also winning this year was the astrophysicist who figured out how to look back in time by observing background radiation from space. The art award when to a guy who dresses in drag for a living in Japan. Cool (I think, what do you think?)

Submission + - US House approves patent reform bill ( 2

angry tapir writes: "The U.S. House of Representatives has voted to approve a bill that would overhaul the U.S. patent system and allow for a new review of patents after they are approved by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. The America Invents Act (PDF) would also allow the USPTO's director to set the fees for patents, with the aim of giving the agency enough money to process a long backlog of patent applications. The bill would also change who is awarded a patent from the first person to create a new invention to the first person to file for a patent. Most other countries award patents to the first person to file."

Submission + - Open News Agenda Challenges Major Press Agencies (

HavanaF writes: "Given that news is, somehow, a public good and a lot of news is based on planned events, it might be considered an oddity that news agendas — when will Michelle visit South Africa? — are, still, behind the gilded closed doors of press agencies like AP, AFP and Reuters. Any subscription to 'planned news' will set you down a few hundred dollars per month (prices not listed anywhere). Amsterdam based, now in alpha, says to take on press agencies with a free and open news agenda. Zapaday published a video about their ambition to become the "most comprehensive source of information about the future" and a free iPhone app with a week of future news headlines."

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