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Journal benna's Journal: Banned from commenting 3

I was banned from commenting today. It happened right after I posted this:

"Ok, linux is clearly a better and more stable operating system than windows but i'm sick of hearing about how much more work it is to patch windows than linux and how many more patches there are. There are about the same amount of patches for both and its arguably easier to patch a windows machine. The reason there are more viruses and worms for windows is because there are more windows uers and therefore they are a bigger target for virus writers. If linux got 90% of the desktop market tomorrow it would have very similar problems. Also with reguard to your comment about high prices, its your own fault you pay for such crappy software on not just pirate it like everyone I know does."

Now whether you agree with my post or not, and looking back I may have been somewhat wrong, thats still no reason to ban someone. It was a perfectly reasoned opinion and certainly not a troll. I thought slashdot stood for free speech but apperently not.


The message I get when trying to post is:

Due to excessive bad posting from this IP or Subnet, comment posting has temporarily been disabled. If it's you, consider this a chance to sit in the timeout corner . If it's someone else, this is a chance to hunt them down. If you think this is unfair, please email moderation@slashdot.org with your MD5'd IPID and SubnetID, which are "85a3d87fe561d795a3d758c302679686" and "5ba5bd9892cabab8d92c34d526d0270b" and (optionally, but preferably) your IP number "" and your username "benna".

I'm trying to post from my home ISP so I know it's me that is targeted. I'm adding this because it seems I can't even post replies to my own journal.

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Banned from commenting

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  • Are you at a school or company where other people read Slashdot? Banning is done by IP address/subnets, not by user ids. What error message do you get when you try to comment (email me if you can't reply to this)?
  • I've usually only been banned by IP, but I've recently heard a few other people
    complaining about what appears to be user id banning. Oh well, unpopular glimpse
    s of the truth often get people pretty upset. It's better for the sheeple to li
    ve a lie, I guess. Don't get me wrong. I am a hardcore Linux user and I have a
    really good understanding of Windows and *nix. I also know why it is that Linu
    x is less suceptible to viruses and worms. The popularization of Linux as a des
    ktop OS would have to be coupled

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