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Comment Re:Cost vs HDD Solution (Score 1) 268

I have a really important question here: If tape, drives and controller, enclosure etc. are so expensive, *why* are big corps still using tapes to do their backup ?

Is it that reliable? I mean... If I store a harddrive properly as I would have done with a tape, does the harddrive lose data quicker than the tape?

Why is there no "hard drive based robots" to change harddrives in an enclosure automatically as we have for LTO? It could be cheaper and as reliable isn't it?

Hope /. community will have some answer here ;)

Submission + - ACTA: A Global Threat to Freedoms (Open Letter) (

jeremie_z_ writes: A worldwide coalition of Non-Governmental Organizations, consumers unions and online service providers associations publish an open letter to the European institutions regarding the global Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement (ACTA) currently under negotiation. They call on the European Parliament and the EU negotiators to oppose any provision into the multilateral agreement that would undermine the fundamental rights and freedoms of citizens in Europe and across the world. Proposed provisions could globally impose not only "three strikes" schemes, but also Internet service providers liability that would result in Internet filtering, and dispositions undermining interoperability and usability of digitial music and films. The letter is open for signature by other organizations, spread and sign it!

Comment Re:Slashdot (Score 1) 511

That's what we call the death of network neutrality :

What if you implement this "misbehavior control" in the network, and a few months later, someone create a protocol that will NEED this kind of behavior ? (I guess emule protocol is already behaving that way ...)

We don't need no tough control on the Internet ;)

Submission + - French three-strikes law rejected (

Rou7_beh writes: The French "Conseil Constitutionnel", whose job is to cancel anti-constitutional laws, has rejected the recently voted "Three strikes" law. In its conclusions, the council has declared that only judicial authorities can deprive citizens of their right to express themselves freely. Hooray!

Submission + - Europe to vote against 3 strikes approach (again) ( 1

neuron 18 writes: "The European Parliament is about to vote (for the second time) the 138 amendment (now renumbered 46) of the Telecom Package, that may (or may not) prevent European states to implement any kind of 3 strikes approach against P2P and file sharing.
La Quadrature Du Net asked European citizens to call their members of the parliament, and other european groups also asked for action. The Pirate Bay changed its logo to use the old-fashioned swedish-telecom one, from the minitel age ...
The vote will take place on April 21st in ITRE european working group."

GNU is Not Unix

Submission + - Stallman discusses Free Software and GPLv3

FSF writes: "On June 29, 2007 the Free Software Foundation released the GNU General Public License, version 3. What happened since then? An O'Reilly blogger had the opportunity to discuss many subjects with FSF's founder and president Richard Stallman. RMS was particularly clear about the link between Linux and GNU, the fight against software patents and why the Flash format should be avoided, why "software as a service" is bad (it happens on a computer that's not yours!), the fundamental difference between free software and open source."

Submission + - Adobe to push flash for TVs (

Drivintin writes: "In a move that should make cable companies nervous, Adobe announces they are going to push a Flash that runs directly on TVs. NY Times "Now Adobe Systems, which owns the technology and sells the tools to create and distribute it, wants to extend Flash's reach even further. On Monday, Adobe's chief executive, Shantanu Narayen, will announce at the annual National Association of Broadcasters convention in Las Vegas that Adobe is extending Flash to the television screen. He expects TVs and set-top boxes that support the Flash format to start selling later this year." With the ability to run Hulu, YouTube and others, the question of dropping your cable becomes a little bit more reasonable."
Data Storage

Submission + - High available storage for virtualization?

cnygaard writes: I work as a system administrator and use free virtualization to consolidate x86 servers. In order to use the motion feature one needs to have highly available shared storage served by either iSCSI or NFS. There are proprietary hardware/software solutions out there that will solve that but often I do not have the budget available buy that. How do you construct highly available storage using open source software that is not to/overly complex as complexity of a cluster may lead to downtime in itself. What kind of HA iSCSI/NFS setup / file systems would you recommend to run in production?

Comment Re:Sue Intel! And AMD! (Score 1) 114

In France we have a (quite famous now) guy who told about it a few years ago : Benjamin Bayart told us how the "free (as in speech) Internet" may become a "Minitel 2.0" (he means 'a centralized information-&-entertainment-distribution network')

Comment Re:Not Samba? (Score 3, Insightful) 409

Jet is often using locks to be sure that no one will overwrite the data you previously edited. Samba 3.0 has some code to manage the buggy Windows sharing protocol locking system.

You should really read man smb.conf and search for "lock" to learn a bit about it.

I'm pretty sure that your earlier problem was a locking one.

Samba has not changed a lot reagarding this locking issue, but you can tweak it perfectly, it just takes a little time to learn how to do it and what to do.

My experience with samba is that (on a big server of course) it can handle hundreds of connections with some Gbps throughoutput (we did it under linux with ethernet bonding and heavy kernel tunning of course...)
The Media

Submission + - Media cover-up of controversial vote in the House (

toporok writes: It seems that the media is not neutral anymore these days. Most of it seems to have picked a side in the political arena. Here's another example. It seems that in their hate for Bush, the Democrats will do anything to oppose pretty much anything that comes from the Republican side and the media pretty much keeps hush on this. It has gotten so bad that just the other day, Democrats in a very controversial vote defeated a measure proposed by the Republicans to ban illegal immigrants from receiving federal assistance for housing and employment ( Yes, Welfare!). Yet it was briefly mentioned as if it was of no consequence and most media outlets didn't cover it at all. I'm not even talking page one, like it should have been. Nothing! I'm not saying Democrats are bad and Republicans are good, I'm a registered Democrat myself but this is ridiculous! Me paying pretty much 40% out of my paycheck to help American Citizens in need is not enough, now I have to support illegal immigrants?! Where will this stop? I have nothing against immigrants that come here legally and follow the legal process, I myself is an immigrant that followed the process and got my citizenship but I refuse to give my money to somebody that disregards our laws by coming to this country illegally and then demanding to be provided with assistance with educations, housing and unemployment. Here is the url to the story, and I really had to search to find even this one. /politico/main3130820.shtml

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