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Comment Major features are complementary (Score 5, Informative) 427

The biggest news in Java 8, obviously, are lambdas, but they also fit together with functional interfaces and java.util.stream.Stream to really change the way you build stuff in Java.

I'm absolutely loving, after making use of Java 8 streams, just how clean, succinct and compact a lot of my new code has become.

Oh -- and yes -- Java now has monads:

public String getLastFour(Optional employee) {
return employee.flatMap(employee -> employee.getPrimaryAddress())
.flatMap(address -> address.getZipCode())
.flatMap(zip -> zip.getLastFour())
.orElseThrow(() -> new FMLException("Missing data"));


See here

(Now if only they borrowed a bit more heavily from Scala or even C#: stuff like a Try monad, tuples and tuple destructuring and proper pattern matching (like C# is getting) would be awesome. Although given the glacial pace of standardization in Java-land, I'm not holding my breath.)

Comment I don't see the problem (Score 0) 983

The military have been killing people with flying drones and bomb disposal robots for ages. Why is this suddenly a problem? Lethal force is lethal force, regardless of whether or not there is a human body 3ft behind the device doing the killing or not.

Story smells like yet another clickbait beatup written by some clueless media-studies dilettante. Why are we wasting our time even discussing this?

Comment Re:Never heard of it (Score 1) 97

Swagger's the RESTful web service equivalent of WSDL. It isn't quite as featureful, but is quite a bit nicer to read. Also, many web apps embed Swagger UI, which gives you a nice way to browse and play with your web service endpoints. The quality of the tools in the Swagger universe are mixed to say the least -- Swagger UI and Swagger Editor are really quite nice. Swagger Code Generator, in my experience, is not so good.

Comment Electric car deal with US govt? (Score 1) 124

Wasn't there some deal floated, where they'd do penance in the US, by committing to electrifying most of their car fleet?

I would absolutely love to see this, just to show the world that the West can still do great things, and to punish the Gulf Arabs, who are after millenia, still attacking, robbing and white-anting us at every opportunity. We have better uses for all that money, and it's better spent on ourselves, rather than propping up shit countries and shit cultures.

Comment Re: What BS (Score 4, Informative) 192

I wouldn't be so sure about this. Unless you're comparing businesses from a similar culture.

E.g. in Japan, presenteeism is an issue. People might be at the office for huge hours, but much of that time is spent fucking about rather than focusing on work. OTOH, in countries like Germany, if you don't get your work done in the allocated 8 hours, you're considered weak and incompetent.

Culture matters here, but also, it's up to the local leadership to set the tone. Some workplaces just have dumber managers who measure the wrong things when understanding developers' productivity. These same workplaces might also embrace technologies/approaches which destroy programmer productivity too (e.g. overreliance on online chat and emails, expecting devs to be preemptable at any time, etc etc).

Comment Autistic worldview (Score 4, Insightful) 201

I would wager it's exactly the same reason why so many nerds I went to university with turned into raving, foam-at-the-mouth libertarians:

Wahhabism/Qutbism is yet another simple, crude world view, which makes sense to smart minority kids who have to deal with adversity and petty racism that most Slashdotters don't have to deal with. Never mind the fact that it's wrong.... seeing yourself as a king who is being held down by people you see as culturally and religiously inferior to yourself (and then getting a license to rape and murder at will) has a lot of appeal to impressionable young minds.

Comment Vapour? (Score 0) 95

Not to shit all over their good work, but the most successful projects under the aegis of GNU, succeed _despite_ the neckbeards in Boston, not because of them.

If it's anything like the utter embarrassment of HURD (w.r.t. Linux kernel), these guys will still have some slow piece of crap that barely compiles, a long time after something else has built something far better, with a freer license, at a point that deep-learning is baked into absolutely everything around us -- just like Linux.

I think GNU themselves are too slow, dumb and doctrinaire to ever produce anything of value or impact ever again.

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