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Submission + - Steve Ballmer Pelted with Eggs

massivefoot writes: Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer was heckled and had eggs thrown at him during a lecture to university students at the Corvinus University in Budapest.

The student stands up accuses Microsoft of stealing a large amount of money (the audio is unclear on the actual amount, it could be 25 million Forint) from Hungary, before being led away, wearing a shirt with "Microsoft = Corruption" written on the back.

None of the eggs actually hit Ballmer, as he took cover behind a desk. Asked by another student whether this was the first time that he'd had an egg thrown at him, Ballmer replied "Yes, it's the first time I've had an egg thrown at me, ah, since 1966."

Submission + - Ballmer egged in Hungary (

xirusmom writes: "Radar online has a video of Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer getting egged in Hungary. AP has also an article on it. Ballmer was delivering a speech entitled "You can change the world" when a young men demanded that Microsoft return money it had stolen from the Hungarian people, then threw three eggs at Ballmer. The video can also be found on you tube, of course."

Submission + - Top 10 Amazing Chemistry Videos (

Timmy writes: Wired Science has picked ten of the best videos from YouTube and their own show on PBS. Only four of them involve fire or explosions. The rest range from music videos about the polymerase chain reaction to reactions that repeatedly change color. One shows how to pour sodium acetate stalagmites. Another shows Chris Hardwick giving instructions for building a glow stick while making absurd comments.
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