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Journal benad's Journal: R.I.P. ANet

It is with great sadness, well, some sadness that I close the ANet project. Follow the link if you want to understand a bit what this project is about.

Why? It is too "revolutionary" for the amount of time I'm willing to spend on it, and no one else is willing to help.

Instead, I prefer spending more time helping a little other projects. In a way, I prefer helping projects that already exist than becoming a new "competitor".

Yes, Freenet and Gnutella are not perfect, but instead of whining and doing something from scratch, incrementally increasing the quality of these might be a better use of my, and everyone's, time.

While I find Gnutella too cahotic for my taste, Freenet seems better. True, there is no defined "standard" yet, so making a C version of the Freenet daemon (daemon, not deamon...) is out of the question. But "anonymously" helping Freenet is many subtle ways is easier, and I like that.

So, yes, you may find me on FMB from time to time (not Frost, I hate it). And I may set up a "freesite" soon. But my work with ANet is now done.

You can reply here if you have any question about this.

- Benad

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R.I.P. ANet

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