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Journal benad's Journal: Capcom's going crazy!

Let me explain. Five "mature" games. For (and maybe exclusively) the GameCube. Not "revolutionary" games; only "moderate budget", good, original games. You know, in that big gap between those hundred of crappy games and those monstruously high-budget ones (Final Fantasy, Metal Gear Solid 2, Metroid Prime, Zelda GC) that half of the time simply suck gameplay-wise (guess which ones in my list).

I haven't seen that since the SNES. Cross that. Super Monkey Ball. Cross that. Mario Sunshine. Uhh...


Well, OK, I was just hyped up by the quality of the design. If they use that music for "Viewtiful Joe's" introduction, I'll consider it one of the best intros ever made, alongside Super Metroid and MegaMan 2. And if Killer 7 even remotely looks like that in the final game, I'll buy it just to thank the design team to have the guts to do something original like that.

I can barely concentrate now, and listening to that trance music doesn't help much. Time to go.

- Benad

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Capcom's going crazy!

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