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Comment You can't advertise on "the Internet" (Score 1) 65

Bring advertising in-house. Its not 1997 anymore, there is no reason to rely on 3rd party platforms for advertising. Everyone knows the internet is a thing now

How do advertisers know which particular sites are "a thing", especially smaller sites that are too big to be run as a pure hobby but not yet big enough to be household names?

and wants to advertise on it.

But without an intermediary, you can't advertise on "the internet". Instead, you would have to advertise on individual publishers' sites, which is much more time-consuming for both advertisers and publishers.*

Say you have 30 publishers, each of which wants to find relevant advertisers, and 30 advertisers, each of which wants to find relevant publishers. If there is an intermediary, this means 60 contracts to review and sign. If there is no intermediary, there are 900. How does a change from O(n) with an intermediary to O(n^2) without one improve the market?

And even then, how will an individual publisher be able to reassure its advertisers that view and click statistics are accurate and not inflated? All other things being equal, an intermediary such as Google is considered more trustworthy because it has more to lose should a claim of fraud end up substantiated.

* In the advertising market, a "publisher" is the operator of a site that carriers ads.

Comment Ad blocker blocker blocker? Eat DMCA. (Score 1) 65

There was a post two weeks ago on an adtech blog suggesting that some publishers* are about to go full DMCA/CFAA on developers of ad blockers that include an ad blocker blocker blocker. By this legal theory, an ad blocker blocker is an "access control" measure, and an ad blocker blocker blocker is a "circumvention device".

Learning about this plan has led me to think of ways to provide a better experience on a metered Internet connection without specifically blocking ads. One is to set a cap on how much data an individual page loads, with a "Load More" button after each megabyte. Another is to block video content types, script content types, and things loaded from third-party domains. If this becomes common, advertisers will at least have to start making their "creative" leaner.

* Operators of websites that carry advertising.

Comment Deeeep and Trooouuuubling Questions! (Ahem) (Score 2) 114

Nanometers may be small, but they're not infinitely small, which is what infinitesimal means. They're barely even any closer to infinitely small than centimeters.

Well, FWIW, *both* of them are infinitely larger than infinitesimal despite the fact that nanometres are closer. So does this mean that the "infinity" between centimetres and infinitesimal is larger than the infinity between nanometres and infinitesimal? Hmmmmmm......

Also, imagine a line of people standing single-file, extending infinitely in both directions. There are, of course, an infinite number of people. Now, imagine each of these people is joined by a partner. Are there twice as many people now? Does this mean there are "2 x infinity" people? But surely you can't do that to infinity. Er...

After your noodle has been baked in the oven at gas mark 5 for 45 minutes, remove and place on a wire tray to cool down. (^_^)

Spoiler; I'm not a mathematician, and don't have the answers, I'm just throwing this out here for amusement. Though I guess someone who knows more about this than I do could explain it if they could be arsed. :-)

Comment Re:Pants on fire (Score 2) 52

He wants the US to spend less time, effort, and money patrolling the world, and wants other countries to take up the slack.

That's what he says. But the rest of the world isn't going to pick up the tab for Pax Americana. Trump haven't explained how he would downsize the military by laying off troops, mothballing weapon systems and closing bases. Actions that won't be popular with politicians and voters as many government-funded jobs will go away and unemployment increase.

But go ahead and throw insults. It is, after all, the only thing Democrats do.

As a moderate conservative, I can say that Trump is an idiot.

Comment Re:Pants on fire (Score 1) 52

Forcing countries like Japan and South Korea to build nuclear weapons because his resolve to continue US's longstanding defense of its allies is not going to make a better world. The last time the United States retreated behind its borders and let its Allies fend for themselves, we ended up with the most destructive conflict in history, and the costs dwarfed what it would have cost to keep a proper military presence in potential trouble spots.

Comment Re:Basically... (Score 1) 370

Yep. I was shocked, SHOCKED the first time I made my macbook do some work. The whistling, whooshing noise is unbelievable. Vacuum cleaner doesn't begin to describe it.

Good decision by Apple to not have any holes in the case (that would spoil the design!) and to force all the air through a tiny little hole under the screen. Not.

Comment Re:Instant Deleivery (Score 1) 43

With that many employees you would think that they could dispatch a driver to personally deliver my package to my door!

Amazon driver couldn't find my friend's apartment, delivered it to another apartment, and Amazon refused to have the driver go back to retrieve the wrongly delivered package.

If it's not there in 30 minutes it's FREE!

My friend wanted a replacement package sent immediately. Amazon gave him a refund instead.

Hey, I can dream right?

Amazon's delivery service is a joke. That's why I have post office box to send all my packages to. That doesn't prevent a postal clerk from misplacing a package for two weeks (on average).

Comment No rental of smartphone games (Score 1) 157

Doom, with its limited interactivity works fine.

Which Doom are you talking about? The first Doom isn't in Google Play Store. I searched, and all I got were Doom 3 ($9.95) and several apps whose titles included "Doom" but were unrelated to Idthesda's franchise.

Besides, how would I go about trying a paid game in order to understand how its input method works? Back in the old days of cartridge- and CD-based consoles, I could rent the cartridge from a local video store, and I could scan my local friends' collections on their shelves. Nowadays, with paid downloads, I'd have to ask each of my local friends whether he or she owns each game on this list, and I don't foresee much success in that especially in an era where one's gamer friends are more likely to live in a different city.

Comment Re:What's with all the cheap video cards? (Score 2) 40

Seriously, this is a nerd site, and nerds care about performance.

Some do, some don't.

Maybe some of you want to spend your days looking through open source video driver code, but real nerds want to actually do stuff and get good video performance.

So, someone's not a "real nerd" if they want to spend "days looking through open source video driver code" (sounds pretty stereotypically nerdish to me) rather than just getting stuff done (which was traditionally associated with ordinary, non-nerdish users who saw the technology as just a means to an end)?

Let's face it; you're trying to force a definition of "nerd" that supports your own point of view, a la "No true Scotsman".

Comment Re:My compendium (Score 1) 153

No, you interpret what he said as sarcasm. But with Trump, it's virtually impossible without applying a filter, either in his favor, or biased against him, to sort out much of what he means. To have a man who wants to be the leader of the Free World speaking in a rantish and often incoherent fashion, and then constantly being informed by his followers as to what he really meant doesn't inspire confidence.

Comment Re:The intent of Copyright (Score 1) 211

Perpetual licenses seems a very bad idea in the first place. I see no reason why they shouldn't have to be renegotiated yearly, by law

If it becomes standard practice for a motion picture's producer to own its copyright, then studios could make it a standard practice to require producers to defer royalties for a year and further require producers to forfeit royalties earned during the previous year if the producer declines to renew the license. Otherwise, if a producer can take the royalties and run, studios would be unwilling to give producers hundreds of millions of dollars to make motion pictures.

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