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Submission + - Open Letter to the Occupy Movement (wordpress.com)

DaneM writes: "How can the Occupy movement better utilize public spectacle to increase awareness of their viewpoints--in a way that will cause the public enjoyment and mirth, rather than annoyance and eye-rolling? In this open letter, I seek to demonstrate how the occupiers could garner public involvement in simple, enjoyable, non-threatening "flashmobs--" contrary to the un-spectacular results of their previous "laugh riot" flash mob. (A lack of news coverage makes posting a decent link to the latter infeasible.)"

Submission + - Old Dogs Learn New BI Tricks (datanami.com)

An anonymous reader writes: If a company's got the word "micro" in its name, you know they've got a history. However, with the slow death of one software company after another, only one thing keeps an ISV around to tell the tales to later generations--innovation at the speed of light.

Submission + - We strongly reccommended that you exit all Windows 1

Meshach writes: Nearly every Windows installer says it right after you launch the installer: "It is strongly recommended that you exit all Windows programs before running this setup program". But I want to know is there anyone who does this? Moreover is this dire warning really necessary? Judging from the number of times I have skipped it I would say not.

Submission + - SPAM: Minoxidil

morrislevi97 writes: There are many treatments for hair loss and one of the most prevalently used is minoxidil. Minoxidil was originally formed as a tablet, it was proven that unwanted hair growth came to be the interesting side effect. Researchers and medical practitioners were encouraged to produce a topical minoxidil solution for treating hair loss.
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