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Submission + - The R Inferno is new and improved (burns-stat.com)

pburns writes: ""The R Inferno" is a map for you if you are using R and think you are in hell. It has recently been updated to make your trip through hell more efficient and enjoyable. Next door to the Inferno are some hints about how to get far enough into R to experience the pain."

Submission + - Sony Encourages Linux on their Phones (neowin.net) 1

neokushan writes: "It's no secret that Sony has been in the news a lot lately. From the PSN downtime, with the identity theft issue that comes with it, to the numerous court cases launched to try and quell the PS3 hacking Scene.

It may come as a surprise to many, then, that Sony's mobile smartphone division has taken an almost polar-opposite approach — they're actively encouraging developers to create, modify and install customised Linux kernels into their latest lineup of phones, including the Xperia Play, the device that was once known as "The Playstation Phone"."


Submission + - Students Invent Revolutionary Solar Sterilizer (inhabitat.com) 1

greenerd writes: "Engineering students at Rice University have solved a huge health concern in developing countries by creating a device that uses the sun to sterilize medical instruments. This invention could help prevent the spread of infection and illness in clinics around the world without access to proper sterilization tools."
Data Storage

Submission + - loss-of-pool-coolant accident scenario in Japan (nap.edu)

An anonymous reader writes: US National Academy of Science report to Congress describes in details the spent fuel pool coolant loss scenario that is most likely happening now in Japan and specifically referencing one of the triggers for current situation" "large earthquakes and drops of fuel casks from an overhead crane during transfer operations were the two event initiators that could lead to a loss-of-pool-coolant accident"

Submission + - Oracle could reap $1 million for Sun.com domain (networkworld.com)

joabj writes: Last week, Oracle announced that it is decommissioning the Sun.com site, which it acquired as part of the $7 billion purchase of Sun Microsystems. So what will Oracle do with the domain name, which is the 12th oldest .com site on the Internet? Domain brokers speculate Oracle could sell it for $1 million or more, if it chose to do so.

Submission + - Supermoon Saturday night (npr.org)

watermark writes: About every 28 years a "supermoon" occurs. This is when the moon's orbit is closest to earth at the same time as a full moon. Saturday night will be the biggest, brightest full moon you will see in the next 28 years.

Submission + - Pwn2own To Show Zero Day Windows Bug (esecurityplanet.com)

darthcamaro writes: The big Pwn2own hacking event is coming up this week, where security researcher try and hack into browsers. While Google is putting up $20,000 in prize money — the bigger story is likely to be a new zero day windows vulnerability that will enable hackers to hack both Chrome and IE.

"I do know that someone is competing against IE and they will be using a privilege escalation bug to break out of protected mode, which is quite a big deal," Portnoy said. "It usually requires a kernel bug, or something in the GDI interface and it's something that's in the operating system – so it will be a two-fold bug."


Submission + - Google Shows Us Why We All Need Robot Cars (greencarreports.com) 2

thecarchik writes: The BrainDriver car is a cutting-edge concept, and interesting for potential mobility solutions for people with limited physical motion. But Google's robotic autonomous car could push mobility in an entirely different direction.

Imagine hopping into the back seat of your car, telling it to take you to work, and actually getting something done on the commute--without risking your life or those around you. For anyone that's seen the levels of distraction and poor driving during early-morning or late-night mass commute times, taking people out of the equation is definitely an attractive idea.

The fact is that a car equipped with radar and LIDAR and such can take in much more information, process it much more quickly and reliably, make a correct decision about a complex situation, and then implement that decision far better than a human can.


Submission + - Information Leakage Overtakes XSS (securityweek.com)

wiredmikey writes: After examining critical vulnerabilities from more than 3,000 websites from 400 organizations during the 2010 calendar year, WhiteHat researchers claim that Information Leakage (just barely, by a few tenths of a percent!) overtook Cross-Site Scripting (XSS) as the most common website vulnerability, with 64 percent of Web sites having at least one Information Leakage vulnerability in 2010.

Information Leakage describes a vulnerability in which a website reveals sensitive data, such as technical details of the Web application, environment, or user-specific data.

In addition, the report shows that during 2010, the average Web site researchers examined had 230 serious vulnerabilities. Also,the report notes that the average Web site fell into the "always" and "frequently" vulnerable categories and was exposed more than 270 days of the year.

Open Source

Submission + - Gameduino: "Ridiculously Awesome" (createdigitalmotion.com) 1

beckman101 writes: "Gameduino is a DIY game platform built on a shield for the Arduino. It'(TM)s open source hardware (BSD and, for the code, GPL). Okay, that’s fairly cool. But what makes this project special is that this inexpensive board has hardware that'(TM)s capable enough to be interesting. The result is a lo-fi game console built on an FPGA that gives you retro graphics without being, you know, too retro. Games actually look good."

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