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Submission + - The Stupid Live Longer (

Chemisor writes: According to new research by a Swiss university, it doesn't pay to be smart. "Scientists Tadeusz Kawecki and Joep Burger at the University of Lausanne said they had discovered a negative correlation between an improvement in a fly's mental capacity and its longevity". In the experiments, eugenic methods have been applied to a population of flies, demonstrating a measurable increase in intelligence after 30 to 40 generations. The smart flies lived 50-60 days, while the stupid ones in the control population lived 80-85. "This would explain why flies, like most other animals, have hardly developed their neural capacities," the researchers said.

Submission + - 'Sarcasm' brain areas discovered. (

Ant writes: "BBC News report: "Scientists say they have located the parts of the brain that comprehend sarcasm — honestly. By comparing healthy people and those with damage to different parts of the brain, they found the front of the brain was key to understanding sarcasm. Damage to any of three different areas could render individuals unable to understand sarcastic comments..." Seen on Blue's News."

World of Warcraft Saves Lives 2

A 12 year-old Norwegian boy saved his sister from a moose attack using tactics he learned playing WOW. He managed to 'taunt' the moose away from his sister and then 'feigned death' until the animal lost interest. I would have shielded myself and spammed my frostbolt.

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