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Journal Journal: The School's Website

Learned PHP a couple of weeks ago. Once the school website is completely written in it, it's gonna rock. Right now, though, it isn't, and it doesn't. I'm working on configuring the PostgreSQL database needed to run the "interesting" PHP-enabled parts, but it's on the college's server, and without shell access, it's going to take a while to get it all up and running.
The Internet

Journal Journal: My Website: 3.0

Version 3.0 of my website has almost been completely updated as far as theme and style and all of that good stuff. The only issue has been with transparent PNGs - some browsers don't support them. Now, what I need to work on is content: Gimp, UNIX, C++, TI Calculators, and the like.

I did all of the graphics with, of course, the GIMP. They are all Logo Script-Fu, with the exception of the background, which was just a flat blue tile put through GIMPressionist. The GIMP is just amazing. The people at Fink had better hurry on porting 1.2.3 :)


Journal Journal: I meant to do that...

Something you should never do when logged in as yourself:

sudo rm -rf ~

At least I have a (five-month-old) backup :P


Journal Journal: “IT”

They released IT this morning. It's a motorized scooter that needs only two wheels placed side by side to balance and function properly. The difference between this and a normal scooter is that this one costs ten times more, is smarter, and you have to lug all 80 pounds of it around when it runs out of juice. No thanks. The $3,000 Consumer Edition, which (fortunately) costs significantly less than the current $8,000 corporate model, isn't due out for another year, but I think that interest will die out long before then.

Journal Journal: Spam & Re-Spam

Saw this at the end of a piece of e-mail from one of my friends:


So, now they want you to not only send this stuff to others, but send it back on down the line? The message will travel back to the sender, who will probably send it back to where it came from, back to you again, and so on. Can anyone say chain mail? Jeez. That bugs the heck out of me.
United States

Journal Journal: Another Plane...

...went down in Queens @ about 9:45 this morning. It had better be an accident (but how likely is that?). It didn't actually hit any tall buildings or anything, but that could be passenger bravery again. We'll just have to wait and see, I guess.


Journal Journal: In the Beginning...

I decided to start my Slashdot journal today. Check here hourly for intense philosophical discussion :P

I got X Windows running with Enlightenment and GNOME today. It looks neat, but not as good as Mac OS X's Aqua interface. Of course, there isn't an OS X version of The GIMP that I know of, and Adobe hasn't released an OS X-compatible version of Photoshop yet.

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