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Comment YOU would have to be pretty lame to... (Score 1) 359

YOU would have to be pretty lame to not overcompensate and turn it into the stuff of legend. I'm talking crazy grilling of steak and italian sausage all afternoon while pre-gaming with some Yuengling. The actual party would have mostly trance music playing while the tv had on either porn or C-grade horror movies, both muted, just for some irrelevant background imagery. The usual choices of liquors and beers would be on hand. The Galvatron would be temporarily renamed a Windows 7 on ice. Shots would be mandatory for such infractions as screwing up an installer option and having to boot from the DVD again, or failing to look a girl in the eyes. The strippers would of course be top notch and covered in oil or honey. Immigrant workers would be procured from in front of a Home Depot and made to do silly things during the give the strippers horsey rides and made to race for italian sausage. I could go on, but I am now hungry. Time for a nice Five Guys onion burger.

Comment I just had a heart transplant (Score 1) 201

On March 1st and have been battling against rejection. I just got the result of a heart biopsy performed Monday and finally, my new heart is rejection free. The side effects of the drugs that it took to get me there are significant, so if this works in humans it will be a tremendous breakthrough. Of course my hope is that this technique would also work post transplant so that they can fix me. The article doesn't mention anything about that though...

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