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Comment Re:Another way to look at this is.. (Score 1) 400

not human history, but horse history there has. we use to have millions of them doing farming, mail delivery, travel etc, pulling equipment etc. now they no longer are needed. The horses have been put out to pasture by the invention of the engine, car, gas powered etc etc. Now they are coming for the low hanging fruit of driving, trucking, and dealing with humans on the phone. It won't happen over night but it will happen. It will be cheaper then insurance for drivers, they won't make as many mistakes, will drive through the night, etc. once it is to a spot some freckled and pimpled faced teenager can unload the back and scan what they need from it, then its off to another destination..

Comment Re:I thought most intelligent people did that (Score 1) 202

but then what would they do with all the data they collect on you? how would they know you bought that awesome new Bra and the new cup from amazon? Don't you want them to over hear your conversation with your wife about back pain? Doesn't the sheriff deserve to know how fast you are going on the freeway? the reality is privacy is dyhing, you need to deal with it when they start black bagging people out of the their homes and shipping them off it will already be too late.

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