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Comment Maybe Team Rock can move to Norway (Score 1) 303

Team Rock Radio was the only station I listened to when I had DAB in the car. Then they decided not to renew the £1M per year rent for the use of that space, and a religious organisation took over their frequency. Just before Christmas 2016 they had to shut down what was left of the business. Internet radio is also a tough place to be, even without paying rent to the DAB people.

Submission + - Steam is down (steamstat.us) 1

An anonymous reader writes: The entire Steam domain seems to be down for everyone. The websites and Steam clients won't connect. No word from Steam on Twitter or Reddit about the outage.

Comment Re:Too much TV, yeah right (Score 1) 189


We create motorcycle content with a rare twist: honesty. FortNine releases new videos on Tuesday and Thursday. Expect travel documentaries, motovlogs, gear reviews, motorcycle reviews, crash tests and more.
The engine behind our channel is fortnine.ca. Canada's largest online powersport retailer gives us the freedom we need to produce legitimate reviews. We are not indebted to the manufacturers we cover, and that means we don't have to pull any punches!


Welcome to Nerdist. We've got video entertainment for all of your nerdy passions and a whole lot of funny. You are what you watch!

Alan Thrall (powerlifting, strongman)

Glove and Boots

A puppet web series. With puppets. On YouTube.

Comment Re:Uber + Autonomous vehicles = Dumb (Score 2) 151

Actually owning the vehicles would cost a ton of money for no obvious benefit to Uber. Uber owning the vehicles (autonomous or not) would


I'll agree but for a different reason. Banks and car manufacturers will be in a better position to own these vehicles, leasing them to whoever wants to run a Uber-enabled taxi service. With self-driven vehicles, human drivers cease to take a cut of the sales, but other types of company will step in to make money from their assets.

The benefit for Uber is to carry being seen as the tech people that facilitate business and take their slice of the cake, while avoiding that investment in cars, insurance, maintenance, etc. For now all they need to do is get those self-driven vehicles on the road and legal. The expansion of fleets can be handled by other companies.

Next step: buy or get bought by a payments processor.

Comment Re:The election is a poor barometer of relevance (Score 1) 284

That's quite possible. In parallel, it can also have happened that younger and urban voters were over-represented in polls, while a significant number of older people that voted Trump (and other republican party candidates before him) may have been reachable only off-line.
Here on Slashdot I also read that there were online forums advising Trump voters to not disclose their preference in polls, as a tactic to lead overly confident HC voters to not make the effort to go and vote, as she was pretty much guaranteed to win. Quite clever if this happened, as the more radical voters on every election are guaranteed to turn up, while the moderates are more prone to apathy. I don't think it will be possible to ever measure or confirm this idea.

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