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Comment Huawei, Lenovo... so many others (Score 1) 62

I don't know about Huawei, but my current phone is Lenovo and does the job just fine: 16GB storage when Samsung low-end all had less than that; Dual SIM is a nice to have for data only SIMs abroad; RAM and CPU are OK for what I need, and it does a good job as a sat nav.

I don't feel I need to pay for sponsorship on Chelsea FC shirts nor high rents in California for the design department if in the end it's some Chinese company that does the bulk of the work. By buying Lenovo I get the product I need without that sort of overheads.

Comment Civilian use? (Score 1) 203

I wonder if there's any possibility of this ship being used for civilian purposes? If it's good enough for carrying armed aircraft and hundreds of crewmen, it should be OK for doing the same minus the weapons.
Or... after all those years in service, will the Enterprise still have any shipbuilding secrets worth hiding?

Apart from the obvious use as a supervillain HQ, a large ship with helicopters and airplanes could be useful for rescue operations and support to places needing help following natural disasters (the "UNICEF aircraft carrier").

Comment Re:this happens in most mature markets (Score 4, Insightful) 108

We can always take lessons from the past and compare auto industries with whatever we like (in good /. tradition!).
Nevertheless there are significant differences... and that's just taking the examples from the summary.

Facebook is not an early internet company... they've turned up after others looked mature enough to get some cash from their products/services... but failed.
Amazon is an early internet company (IMHO) but which industry cycle pattern applies if they went on a huge horizontal expansion and then vertical integration that leads them to where they are today?
Google I don't understand and never will...
Microsoft does not get a mention even though they've been an early internet-related company before 3 out of 4 in the list, and now gets a higher sales total now than when their OS was in 90%+ of devices. They've become a smaller fish in a much larger pond.
The company formerly known as Apple Computer made their greatest product line by beating established companies in a mature market.

What cycles do we see there if these companies are all actors in multiple markets precisely to avoid being overtaken by newcomers? The patterns are not *that* obvious and predictable as the grandparent poster suggests. If some new company invents something really great that gets them millions of paying customers, net neutrality rules changing will be a pain but won't stop them completely. More likely the hurry to be acquired will be a bigger factor.

Comment Re:unrealistic expectations (Score 1) 128

I did try that, out of curiosity. MS Word really does not allow much formatting on the Line Number Style. Font and size is OK, but the placement of line numbers seems to be fixed. Then I had a look at the WordPerfect instructions (normal and Reveal Codes) and... the same. Odd.

Perhaps there is a legal convention that line numbers should always be on the right hand side of the paragraph? When searching for this I saw a few people trying to number lines on the outside and being asked to use Hebrew language in MS Word as a workaround. That's one kludge and a half!

Comment Re:What else do you expect from the new MS? (Score 1) 498

(d) the botnet herder.

At least that is the reason I think they decided to push updates rather than hoping people take a moment to approve them. On my work PC it's always on Friday mornings, at home I see no pattern, only that sometimes the "shutdown" menu is different: Update and power down or Update and restart. It works OK for me but I'd be annoyed if it stopped me working randomly.

Comment Maybe Team Rock can move to Norway (Score 1) 303

Team Rock Radio was the only station I listened to when I had DAB in the car. Then they decided not to renew the £1M per year rent for the use of that space, and a religious organisation took over their frequency. Just before Christmas 2016 they had to shut down what was left of the business. Internet radio is also a tough place to be, even without paying rent to the DAB people.

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