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Comment Re:My PowerPoint Rule of Thumb. (Score 1) 38

Don't use it. People's eyes glaze over as soon as they see the first slide. https://www.youtube.com/watch?... [youtube.com]

Makes sense. A presenter generally boils down what they want to convey to four or five bullet points to make a slide.

This is why good presentation normally feature someone explaining the subject, leaving the screen for showing pictures or schematics. Bullet points are useful for the notes that get distributed with the presentation file.
As usual, it's not so much the tool that is bad, it's how people use it :(

Comment Great career for retired athletes (Score 1) 253

A lot of people do sports in a serious and committed manner but only a small % of them make it big. All those millions of other extremely fit people with the right microbiome will be great donors for health enhancing poop transplants.

I can't wait for people to be discussing their transplants in the same enthusiastic manner that bodybuilders talk about their supplements.

Comment Good for repeat purchases though (Score 1) 102

Well, if you're already signed up for a service and you need a practical way to press the "order now" button, mobile apps do the job well. I book cinema tickets regularly and all I need to do is pick film, time and seat.
Someone else has already pointed out that eBay also works well, so I guess it's a matter of having a solid account functionality, with payment method stored safely in advance of going shopping with your mobile.

If I wanted to buy something expensive or that needed specifying, searching for multiple alternative suppliers and then pressing the Buy now button, then yes, a bigger screen and keyboard is a much better idea.

Comment Re:Much needed. (Score 1) 123

Last year I got one of those, mainly because it included a 1 year subscription of Office that I could keep in case the hardware was not good enough.

I'll agree that the small screen (1280x800) experience was not great, even after upgrading from 8 to Windows 10. For me, not being able to use Firefox (or Chrome) using just the touchscreen was what convinced me to sell the hardware and just keep the O365 subscription.
The tablet was a Lynx 7" with an atom CPU just like what powered the Tesco Hudl2 - a very good budget Android tablet. Overall it was OK hardware, but not really worth having, compared to any comparable mini PC that could be plugged in to the TV.

Comment Re:Understandable, but foolish (Score 1) 386

Suppose it's possible, and she wakes up 100 years from now, aged 14. Takes 2 tablets and cancer is gone. Or has her mind uploaded to another body. Plenty of time to catch up on what's new in the 22nd century. Sooner than you know it, she'll star in 6D adult entertainment named something like "the 21st century tart-bot".

Comment Re:Remind them that one day, their opposition can (Score 1) 359

In this case, the Conservative party can have a reasonable expectation to remain in power for a long time, especially if leaving the EU causes Scotland to abandon the union. Scotland represents some 10% of the population and regularly vote everyone-but-Theresa-May's-party.

For those interested in evil genius accomplishments and Bond-style villains, it's a good time to point out that with the chaos and paralysis that followed the recent referendum, Theresa May eventually got the law she had wanted for a long time. Merit where merit is due.

Comment Weird Soviet reversal (Score 4, Informative) 742

This vote and the calls for protectionism in the USA and UK strike me as odd. Back in my day... it was the Conservatives and Republicans and similar parties defending trickle-down, supply-side, trade leads to growth, which leads to prosperity for everyone.

Now there's support for reducing freedom of movement in the UK (and other places in Europe), and for the USA to erect trade barriers. All this time, the official explanation was that international trade was not a zero-sum game, that if there's more trade, everyone eventually gains and that protectionism was BAD. I can't remember if state investment on infrastructure was even worse than protectionism, but in any case it was something that Chicago school/Republican politicians just would not have.

Sounds like now In Republican America, state interventions Trump China?

Comment Re:Wet paper bag (Score 1) 2837

Instead; "Coal is going out of style."

I think it's more "Coal is unacceptable as an energy source from now on". The people employed in that industry would never want to hear it, but the price to pay for their retirement is much lower than the alternative that is in the horizon.

Comment Re:Simple Solution (Score 1) 212

Another way is to get that Microsoft Surface Book, the one that has normal USB ports, SD card reader and a 1st party dock for extra USB, 1xGigEthernet and 2x display ports. They claim the SB is faster than the contemporary MacBook Pro, however bear in mind that Microsoft is a software company and Apple is a hardware/consumer electronics company, so they might lack the courage to keep in tune with what the market wants and needs in the way that Apple does.

Comment Re:They really should approve though (Score 2) 609

Purely reversing the referendum result would not go down well with anyone, however having snap election to decide what party (coalition) has a proper mandate for something that will have impact for several decades might be a good way forward.

Would be interesting to see how Labour and Conservative MPs will vote on this issue, if in some cases they either are against their party line or against their constituents.

As things stand, the Liberal Democrats, Greens and Scottish National Party are ready for a coalition that has remaining in the EU as a main policy. If they get enough MPs to join them from the 2 main parties, we could see a proper left wing government in the UK. Unlikely, I know.

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