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Comment Re:Tough luck if you don't do social media (Score 1) 218

It would make it difficult for those of us without a facebook, twitter, instagram, linkedin or google+ account

Some people refuse completely to use social media; some are from an age group that does not care about social media; some use social media without connections to others, just for the purpose of logging in via FB rather than with user/pwd.

Even if this kind of information request is presented as "not mandatory but you're in trouble if you say no", there has to be a practical way to get on with life without blocking the queue if the individual says "I don't use any of those any more"

Comment Re: Just another "me too!" (Score 1) 58

In order for a new phone / tablet to stand out in the ever-growing crowd of smart devices it needs to be truly different. The rumored specs listed could be for any device!

perhaps they could include a VPN service that made all their users' search queries appear to be one single user, bonus if it appeared to come from the town of Nokia.

Comment Re: Uh, no (Score 1) 250

Could space be so big that one could fit "advanced civilisations per galaxy" in a normal distribution, leaving us alone here while most other galaxies are teeming with life, ST federation style of interactions between them, wizards with midichlorians, etc.?
For all practical purposes that would be the same as being an isolated civilisation forever.

Comment Re:So, who do they support for president? (Score 1) 102

the huge gains of these individuals have been made during the administration of a president who had as wealth redistribution, a la Robin Hood, as a stated goal of his presidency.

Which country's president do you mean? The people on the list have/had careers in multinationals which were perfectly capable of moving cash across borders to suit their goals.

Comment Re:So MS is basically bailing on the phone busines (Score 1) 162

Hmmmm.... do you really think that this was the reason why developers flocked to iOS and Android? The expectation/hope they would not be fucked over like those who had burned fingers with Microsoft?

Or could it be that it was really clear that developing and marketing apps for iOS and Android had (has) huge market potential and straightforward way to sell apps and see the money come in.

I could be wrong, but I suspect that the reputation or history of MS dealings with partners and with their own technology was not as important as major competitors coming up and saying "Here's what you do to reach our millions of prospective buyers. We deal with distribution and growing the market, you get 70% of the sale".
Between piracy, traditional distribution channels, customers used to not spending at all, there were/are plenty of reasons why developing for PC was never that straightforward. The realistic prospect of finding 10,000,000 people willing to pay you $0.70 each was a major reason, more than anything MS did or used to do.

Comment Re:Salesforce is an Oracle customer (Score 1) 32

it's all weird and incestuous :)

Salesforce partnered up with Microsoft, probably to run a lot of their stuff on Azure. I mean, the Microsoft Dynamics family is probably smaller than SFDC, but they are still competitors.
One day we'll probably find out that Azure runs on the Amazon cloud and Google is hosted in a farm of MacMinis from a basement in Cupertino.

Comment Re:What? (Score 1) 64

In terms of actual money changing hands, perhaps this is a way to get a lot of business networking to go through Skype rather than other VOIP services. In a beautiful slide deck that MS is distributing, there are some ideas about how Dynamics CRM and Office365 will use Linkedin, possibly in the same way that G+ contacts can be seen from Google search results and Gmail/Hangout contacts.

In a broader "let's do stuff for money and offer other stuff for free and hope this somehow works", maybe because it's the one social network with many millions of people that could have been acquired, thus keeping MS in a game where major companies want to sell hardware, software and a variety of cloud services. Twitter does a lot less than Linkedin, Facebook/Instagram and G+ are probably not for sale, and I heard that MySpace is taken :D

Comment Re:Microsoft's Customers are Screwed.. Again (Score 1) 140

It's fair these companies see a new Surface AIO and an Xbox running Windows 10 applications as an attack, but it's equally fair for Microsoft to see this move as a vertical integration strategy that was blocked in the 90s but is commonplace in this decade. Google has Nexus, Android & cloud-based services; Apple has their own stack from device to software and cloud services... why should Microsoft miss out?
Not only there's profit to be made, as there's OEMs making Windows worse with bloatware and there's the risk that one of the other players locks Microsoft out of their walled garden.

If it's OK for Sony to have only their approved software running on Playstation; if it's OK for Apple to prevent 3rd party browsers to be added to iOS devices; if it's OK for Facebook to track what users are doing with their apps in and out of their website, why can't Microsoft do all of the above?

MS will be selling high end laptops, smartphones, VR headsets, AIO computers and even a headless-iMac-like-device (xbox). There will be less that 90% of PCs with their software/services on them, but MS should end up with a healthy slice of a much larger market than what existed in the 90s. Can't fault them for pursuing this.

Comment Re:Feasibility of a rerun? (Score 1) 693

Oh yes, there's no doubt about the legitimacy of the result. The Leave.EU campaign has won, and not going ahead would need extraordinary reasons or someone *seriously* risking losing face.

However, the Irish had 2 votes for the Lisbon Treaty, the Dutch also had 2 votes. Things can change, and an economic crisis can trigger a change of strategy. There's easily 15 million voters unhappy with the result and if they initiate a new political movement, they can certainly can represent a threat of a demographic crisis on top of an economic crisis if they don't get a sweeter deal.

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