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Comment Re:I hope they do a better job than with Android (Score 1) 145

They gave way too much power to developers, so now Android may be an extremely flexible and powerful mobile OS, but it also requires every user to act as a sysadmin, constantly monitoring resources, manually killing apps, etc etc. Battery life is abysmal, and malware is ripe in the android ecosystem. And that's on top of the myriad landfill android devices which are so breathtakingly shotty that they arn't even fit for purposes as simple as a basic e-reader.

An open OS / image will be used by people/organizations to their liking or preferences. This will include everything you mentioned, including the fact that the low entry barriers make the ecosystem affordable to all and sundry.

When I am in Mumbai, the guy who owns vegetable shop uses a slightly advanced Samsung Note, and the youngsters manning the counters use a cheap entry level Android. Both play videos, and allows most common apps. In other words, they are using the same software, and that's what matters. This is a revolution of unimaginable magnitude. The entry levels Androids - the $30 to $50 versions - are the first communication device for most of its customers.

The attitude Google showed towards Android is the reason smartphones became a commodity, as ubiquitous as the older feature-phone Nokia's. This is by large a positive development for society.

Comment Re:Talent can be situational (Score 1) 130

I've seen no evidence to support that thesis. Do you have information not available to the rest of us?

Half of the success is showing up, and she seems to be very good in that. She's talented to put up a show, may be like The Donald. There is no evidence of any particular skill other than the aura she projected which apparently fooled even people like you.

There is not a single good decision I can think of she took when she was at Yahoo. What Yahoo needed was surgery and re-invention, a surgery which might have even killed the company. Instead what she gave was band-aid and placebo.

Comment Ms Mayer made a miscalculation... (Score 1, Funny) 130

Yahoo also acknowledged that Tumblr â" its biggest acquisition under its current chief executive, Marissa Mayer â" was now worth only one-third of the $1.1 billion that Yahoo paid for it in 2013.

30% of $1 billion is $300 million! Tumblr is worth $300 million!! Indeed a revelation!!!

Ms Mayer made a miscalculation. If she was patient and not going into Yahoo, she had a chance to become the first woman CEO of Microsoft. Her competition Nadella is the poster child of mediocrity and she would have wiped the floor during CEO search.

Imagine the damage and the headlines she would have created if she played with M$. Yahoo is too small for someone of her talent.

Comment Re:TRANSLATION (Score 4, Interesting) 360

I am your Indian software developer.

If a developer is not capable, its for the organization to do something about it. If the organization/enterprise prefers a developer because he/she charges less though he/she is incompetent, then blame the organization, not the worker.

Also, most of the enterprise software work - for that matter most of web application development, including Android - needs someone who can understand the process and connect the dots. Genuinely good and imaginative programmers will be bored out of their wits in no time.

It seems you are mediocre yourself.

Comment Your question misses the point... (Score 1) 274

Do you want to live a life of fun, good food, fun entertainment and hot beverages, then die at 70, or do you want to live a life of measuring everything daily in a state of panic that you might get cancer and then die at 74 - that is, if you don't accidentally walk in front of a bus when you're 40?

Do the fun, good food, entertainment, hot/cold beverages and all that stuff you may die at 70. Agreed.

But how will you die? You will probably die of some medical complication attributed to your lifestyle choices which makes such a hit on your quality of life that death is probably a better option.

Comment FB did everything wrong... (Score 2) 32

Maybe the Free Interweb idea had its merits, but FB and their advertisement / PR goons went about publicizing the worst way possible...the ads showed poor people beaming with joy as if internet access is going to eradicate hunger, poverty and other social ills. This was the 21st century version of "fairness cream" advertisement.

What FB should have was test the service in selected areas, or may be one or two circles before planning a pan-Indian roll out.

Also, I doubt if the feature phones used by a majority of poor / lower income strata citizens (including some of the tech agnostic well off crowd) will have any meaningful browsing experience.

Comment Does he make sense? (Score 1) 172

Hossein Derakhshan's became a political prisoner for voicing his opinion.

Countries like China, Saudi and Iran leads when it comes to imprisoning you for voicing an anti-establishment opinion, or highlighting their idiocies. In India you will be trolled, and sometimes authorities (or their tools) may take you to court. I guess its a mix of everything if you are in Russia...including executions.

That said, I don't think his complaint is very valid. Let me quote him...

Blogs were gold and bloggers were rock stars back in 2008 when I was arrested. At that point, and despite the fact the state was blocking access to my blog from inside Iran, I had an audience of around 20,000 people every day. People used to carefully read my posts and leave lots of relevant comments, even those who hated my guts. I could empower or embarrass anyone I wanted. I felt like a monarch.

He is upset he is not getting 20000 people every day. The original audience he will have to rebuild and it will take time (whether on Facebook / blog.) Once he does that and if his audience finds him relevant - this is the tricky part - the quality and quantity of comments will increase.

Will he be censored on Facebook? The answer lies in the arrangement Facebook has with Iranian "Ministry of Truth and Harmony".

Comment Gates Foundation and Indian Television (Score 4, Interesting) 156

Last week I was at a post production studio in Mumbai. The editor was working on an Indian Hindi TV series - MAIN KUCH BHI KAR SAKTHI HOON (I Can Do Anything.)
The show is set in rural India, follows the usual Hindi or Indian cinema/television melodramatic hyperventilating style. Here is the beef...rather than inane plots on good versus evil, bad mother in laws and familiar Indian TV soap tropes, this show had female protagonists who were bucking the system and bringing out change in the society.
The familiar style they used made sure a majority of the audience will feel comfortable.
Gates Foundation was one of the Producers. This is thinking out of the need a bit of 'good old propaganda' to support you when you go to rural communities to change their perception on unhealthy practices.

Comment Doesn't matter (Score 1) 131

GMAIL / EMAIL (except in business environment) is more or less on the way of dodo. I am looking at my INBOX and most emails are from service providers like banks, utilities etc. not friends / family which has migrated to some sort of social media / messaging platform.

Facebook made the right call in buying Whatsapp. For all its smarts, self driving cars, robots, AI and what not Zuckerberg has an edge over Brin and his cohorts when it comes to interpersonal communication between human beings.

Comment Re:Will Ad Blockers Kill the Digital Media Industr (Score 1) 519

I am not willing to pay $10 p.m. for every single one of these; especially to only read any article very occasionally or only once

You hit the nail on the head.

The biggest success in the world of software and entertainment as far as adoption go is Popcorn Time. If there is a subscription model attached most of the viewers will be OK to pay a few dollars a month for unfettered access. (To an extent this is what Netflix is providing.)

Popcorn Time is not possible with online versions of print media. The closest you get is Google News - except for a few websites the links do not need a subscription. But then you will quickly go over the limit of free articles with no option but to pay full price / subscribe.

Even "Google Contribute" is not addressing this issue...its only to show less advertisement.

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