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Journal Journal: College Essays & Admissions Woes 1

I'm considerably worried about doing my college admissions essay because so far everything that I have written is crap. I keep starting all over again and trying to find a way to best explain my Georgetown transcript, if I ever get it that is. But in any case, being admitted under a non-degree seeking status would probably send me into a financial debt that will send me to the moon. So that is something that I don't want. But what is aggravating is that once I send my application under degree seeking status, I cannot change it and they ask for my transcript and continue to bother me until I A. Give In or B. Go Insane. Usually neither happens and I sit at home wondering what the hell to do. The next problem on my list is doing my English research paper. I have finally chosen to do Leonard Peltier and his involvement with the murders of Jack Coley and Ron Williams. It's sort of hard having to write an argumentive paper toward my student audience when everyone agrees that he should recieve parole or pardoned. So I think I am going to target my paper to the No Parole Peltier website admin. So help me God if I get skinned alive. Which is alright, I'm getting tired of my old one. :-D

Journal Journal: Essay Topics...need help 2

LJ's being a bitch.
In other news, I have a problem with doing my English research paper. The topic is something of a confusing sort. We cannot select a topic that has "bedrock fundamentalist views on politics or religion." Then we have to come to some sort of hypothesis first and then (as she hopes) will be disproved. Now I have no idea what to have for my topic. At first I thought Leonard Peltier, but I don't know if that would be such a good idea.
The reason why I haven't asked my professor if that would be a good idea is because she's never in her office and apparently, many of the students in my class believe that she is a flake. Not too sure about that, but I do know that she doesn't really care for the class even if many upper Adminstrative people say that she is one of the best English teachers on the campus. I'm convinced that is a total lie.
Hmmm...let's see, the next order of business is the Native American Studies stuff that I have to be doing. Unfortunately, I have not purchased the literature book that we are supposed to be reading because I have no money. Hopefully, I will be able to this weekend and write those stupid critical thinking essays that he keeps harping on about.
Hmm...had a flat tire yesterday morning. Sucked because my morning was going so good. But I was proud of the fact that I was able to change it all by myself. :-D Yup yup...uh huh...uh huh...*does running man*


Journal Journal: Career Options 3

I have realized that I could never teach middle school children. I'd probably murder them on the chance that they piss me off. I came to this conclusion today when I was monitoring my mother's eighth period class, who are such awful children and I am throughly convinced that their parents do not believe in discipline. But in any case, they were misbehaving and the children had no respect what so ever. After several times of telling them to calm down, behave, and to sit, I became frustrated and had to yell at two boys who did not listen. I merely told them that I wasn't running a daycare and that if I were their parents, I'd be embarrassed of them and lead them to the deep end of a lake and let them drown. I also told to act their own age and if they wanted a babysitter, I'd gladly provide a number for them. One of those neurotic brats said that his behavior was normal and that no one tells him what to do. So I replied, "Sit down and shut up. Read a book or do something intellectual, if you even know what that means." Then he became quiet and some other neurotic brat was saying he'd jump me after school. I told him, "Why wait? Do it now, I have no reason to prolong my death." I think I like scaring these little children, but I'd rather have thier heads in a sack and deliver them on the front stoop of their parents' homes.
Here's another one. There is a young girl who is attention deprived. I remember the first time I met her, she pierced her own ear in the classroom and asked to go to the restroom to stop the bleeding. I gave her a strange look as my mother said, "She's starved for attention." I didn't really know what to say but other than, "I'd talk to her parents."
So...as you see, my career as a teacher does not have a well outlook in my future.


Journal Journal: Speaking "Indian" & other disappointments

Hmmm...my friend Mick was writing about his sister's retort of she refusing to speak "indian." Now whatever the hell that really means or is, I'm sure that later on in the future she will regret it. It appears that there is some bias in the grading of our midterms. Everyone averaged about a 2, except for a girl who took the man's class and recieved a 3, who's essay was not very good or readable in my standards. Anyway, I'm over it. I took it all out on video games. I have been extremely tired these past couple of days. I dont' know why, but I have been going to bed early and that has been helping some. I think I just need one of those weekends only dedicated to sleep. I haven't looked into paying my fine for the library, but I'm sure that I owe like $5.00 or something. Stupid university library, doesn't remind me. Okay, yeah it was partially my fault. But that's not the point! Sitting in the florcent glow of the lights in the lab, I desperately want Boba Tea and long to visit people in DC. But, alas, no money, no nothing. I have to wait until the Spring to do such things. Speaking of which, I met the most wonderful woman yesterday. Her name was Ms. Simpcen. She reminded a lot of Bruce and even sat the same way. She had wonderful stories to tell of her in the Peacecorps in Africa and her family in Jersey. It was so nice. The only difference was she didn't do that finger pointing thing that he is so fond of doing. We went to see the Vega String Quartet last night. It was wonderful. They played four beautiful songs (or at least my favorites). "Por Una Cabeza," "Op. 76, No. 2, in F Major" by Haydn, & a Chinese folk tune that's a love song, and another Chinese tune called, "Beautiful Night." Which is was indeed and they were wonderful. If one ever gets a chance to see them in concert, please do, they are wonderful musicians and people. That's about all on my updates for now unless something terriably exciting happens tomorrow. Which would be nice. Later days.

Journal Journal: I hate school, I hate rich kids, I hate my life... 3

This is just too damn upsetting. Sometimes I wonder why I even went to school. I'm sure I would've done just fine with reading the damned textbooks on my own. I owe about $4200 to Georgetown. The nice thing is that I cannot get my transcripts and I cannot be admitted to any college as a degree seeking student. If anyone can find a loop-hole, I would love for you to tell me because this is just becoming too much and I don't know how much more crap I can take anymore. This is pissing me off and if you have words of encouragement, it wouldn't kill to say them here. Thanks.

User Journal

Journal Journal: Wander Wonder

Do you ever just wander around campus inside the halls just to see what the other classes are doing? Do you ever wonder if what they are learning is far more interesting than what you are studying? Do you wonder if they are an enthusiastic bunch that never wants to leave the classroom and eagerly waits for the next class to start while here you stand in the hallway with a bathroom pass trying to escape without being noticed?
That is a movie trailer in itself. Bwah ha ha ha! Let's see, I had fun in Phoenix despite my complaining Aunt, annoying misbehaving niece, and disgustingly hot weather. 102, 102!! And it's the middle of October. You know, something is not right in the weather here. Because it should be cold sleet right now. Not the sunny weather with 80 degrees on the way. But my nephew did do well in the yo yo competition and was by far the best one there. He was able to complete all the tricks and won a yo yo in a looping contest. It was so cool. We saw professionals, the World Champion Yo Yo dude, and the National Yo Yo Team. It was amazing. Fun, fun, fun.
Time to go complete English midterm. Why am I not looking forward to it? I think I should be compensated for having to buy that stupid blue book. I'm such a brat, I'm used to the school providing it.

User Journal

Journal Journal: Sleepy Days & Phoenix Trip

You know that Dr. Seuss movie, "The Cat In the Hat?" Well...that is traumatic. And that ASCII representation didn't really look like the Cat in the Hat. But I'll tell you something, it didn't scare me. So I guess that's a good thing.
Anyway, I recieved some chain letter in my e-mail box. I feel like such a loser. The only e-mails that I get from friends are chain letters. What kind of shit is that?
I have the curse of not being able to sleep in on my off days from school. Which really sucks because I would like to have a little more sleep than what I get on Sunday and Tuesday nights.
Another happy moment was that The Cremains were nominated for a NAMMY in the Best Pop/Rock category. Very, very cool. I am big fan of them and I was able to meet the band at a music festival. So nice and they are great performers. Hmm...Dale's uncle Mr. Robert Mirabol was nominated for Artist of the Year. If you never attended the Native American Music Awards, man you are missing out. I remember when we went during my sophomore year. It was so much fun. We saw the induction of Hank Williams into the hall of fame. We met some famous Natives, it was great. :-D Hmm...my favorite Reggae native band isn't nominated for anything. Sob! Native Roots, I love them.
Still on my crusade for Howard Dean. So...that's keeping me on my toes.
Heading to Phoenix tomorrow morning around 9ish. Boo hoo! I have to wake up early. But, I get to see my nephew do his yoyo tricks on a competitive level and I'm excited! I know he will do well. :-D We're taking my car...ha ha ha! I'm such a brat...I have a car...Connie has a car. :-D I'm happy as if you can't tell.

User Journal

Journal Journal: Purely Convinced 2

I'm convinced I failed my math test. Although I knew what I was doing and I knew my answers were right...okay, so I'm not confident today. Big deal. It's a phase, it's probably going to pass. Read this list of the scariest movies. I only agree with #9, #8, #6, #5, #3, and of course #1. One of my interests in life is horror movies and I've developed a critical eye for what I believe is scary. Like in that crazy "The Ring" movie. Now when she was crawling out of the TV, that was scary. The rest of it was alright. Still waiting for my H.O.T. Iyah! cd. I haven't seen it and it's aggravating me. I think I may owe someone that $600 I belly-aching about earlier in the month. Finally with some luck, I managed to come up with half of that to pay my cell phone bill. For any of you wondering why it was a matter of urgency, it was because I co-signed with a friend whom I am sure that she no longer wants to be my friend anymore. In any case, I'm sure she hates me. But if she ever reads this, I'm sorry and I'm sorry for being so damn poor sometimes. I'm FINALLY going to Albq. this weekend. I'm so excited. I get to get away from here. Also, my nephew is going to this yo-yo competition next Saturday, so I'll be in Phoenix. He's pretty good, and I really hope he does well. I know that he's been looking forward to this for sometime and he has been practicing really hard. It is a pity that his mum won't be there, because she has to work. Quite frankly, I wouldn't want her fuckwit boyfriend to be there anyway, so...it works out ok. So happy... And I get to spend a week with my mummie because she has the fall break for Sanders. Bwah ha ha ha! I love that horrid place. Now...what to be for Halloween. My Harry Potter idea is still up there.
PlayStation (Games)

Journal Journal: Ryu Contempt 1

A new obsession has taken over my life. I have noticed that through playing SNK vs. Capcom far too many times to keep myself in a state of calm ethereal nonsense. In any case, it's fun and funny to watch me get all riled up about a video game. But as the title says, I hate Ryu. I hate him I hate him I HATE RYU!!
Does he really do anything else other than shoryuken? Come on...

First Person Shooters (Games)

Journal Journal: BWA HA HA HA HA HA!!

What Is Your Battle Cry?

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"Hail the blood-letting! I carve into flesh like a river of pure piranha!"

Find out!
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Journal Journal: Genius Underneath All That Laziness

I showed up at my pre-calc class 15 minutes late. I was the third person done wit
I showed up 15 mins. late for pre-calc. I was the 3rd one to finish the test. Now, I have issues with that. I seriously think that there is something wrong in this picture here.
I am almost done writing my letter of interest to the Middle College High school for the tutoring job. Hopefully, I will get hired. My mother knows the principle (who is her best friend) and she was assuring me that I would get hired. I was like, errr...yeah...and hell will freeze over.
I checked out two more books, The Great Gatsby and I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings. So my weekend will be nice and happy. I may be heading out to Albq this weekend and possibly during the next week during the Northern Navajo Fair, I will be in Shiprock. Mr. Lewis, I want to see you!!
Anyway, that's all for now. No sight of the cute boy from previous entry...grr...
And there is this cool thing for a whooping $1,700...yeah...that's tuition money there. Hell no I'm not paying that much!


Journal Journal: That Misery Chick

There's nothing more fun than disrupting the fun in class with a somber sentence. That's what my professor gets for sticking me with a git of an example. We were doing sentences with subordinate conjuctions. In the mad folly of it all, and especially being grumpy due to traffic problems and lack of caffiene, I thought my sentence was highly entertaining.
"George ran away from home; then, he got hit by a car."
This got the comment of "oh god!" and "That'll teach him." Hmm...at least someone though I was funny.
Perhaps I should have added, "then, he got hit by a car and needed my insurance card." Oh well...moment is gone.

Lord of the Rings

Journal Journal: A Wonderful World of Books & Power ::rawr:: 1

So, why do I have to sit in a class full of idiots? Perhaps I should stop being so harsh about my classmates and blame it all on the professor. Now, Professor Dyc is an intelligent woman. I can understand that, but teaching a 102 English class at a 099 level? Come on, I feel as if I am reliving Mrs. Velez's class. It's quite scary actually. But at least my professor doesn't leave us in class to take a 5 minute cigarette break. I knew I should've been thankful for something. In other words, I'm B-O-R-E-D. So now giggling is outlawed in the computer lab. Well...I never. Oh well. That's alright. I recieved a death glare from a woman just because I was IM'ing myself. Sighs, I suppose fun is no longer needed in this world. Bah! Started to read another book (Fahrenheit 451, quite a frightening book. But I love Ray Bradbury no doubt.). I have this goal to read all the books on The 100 World's Greatest Books or something along those lines. I was reading the list yesterday and highlighted all the books that I've read that were on there. Now this is when I started wondering what the hell I've been reading all these years. Then I started highlighting the books that I've read on the Most Controversial Books of the 20th Century. Turns out I've read about half of them. Now I'm utterly confused. Grrr...
Lord of the Rings

Journal Journal: Well, this explains a lot...

I am the literary masterpiece of...
Scarlet Letter- When Hester Prynne bears an
illegitimate child she is introduced to the
ugliness, complexity, and ultimately the
strength of the human spirit. Though set in
Puritan community centuries ago, the moral
dilemmas of personal responsibility, and
consuming emotions of guilt, anger, loyalty and
revenge are timeless

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