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Comment Re:New Tesla Model S60D owner here (Score 1) 146

Plenty of Anonymous Cowards will bash Tesla and say the cars are awful, but yet the named actual owners of the cars love them. Even the one's who've encountered problems with their vehicles. The vast majority of issues have been dealt with satisfactorily. The reliability and build quality issues are being eliminated. All this from a car company that's only 8 years old.
I look eagerly forward to joining the Tesla family of owners in the next year or so. It's been a long time since someone produced a car that inspires me the way that Tesla has.

Comment Summary is loaded with misinformation (Score 1) 297

There has been one reported death while AP was engaged. There have been other Tesla accidents in which the owners have allegedly reported AP is in use, but as of yet these owners have refused to allow Tesla to examine the logs to confirm or deny this allegation. As of yet only one of the accidents reported in the recent media has occurred where it is confirmed that AP was engaged at the time of the crash. Rumours make could clickbait, but once upon a time slashdot was concerned with facts.

Comment Re:Hydogen is just a way to store energy (Score 1) 630

1000 Miles / day. Easily. You mean hitting 70mph for 14.3 hours non-stop? Not that easy.

Some of the better EV's can now do three hours (180--200) miles and recharge in under 30 minutes and do it again. 30 minutes. Bathroom break, little bite of food and a stretch. And this is with today's battery technology.

About that towing. What's important for towing? Torque. What type of vehicle makes a lot of Torque? EV. Build a comparable class EV and it should be able to out perform ICE in towing.

Comment Driver Error Again (Score 0) 408

Driver initiated the command (intentionally or accidentally), Driver ignored warning chime and on screen dialog. Driver then exits vehicle and it starts doing it's thing 3 seconds after he left vehicle. Was he watching, or walking away? Driver did nothing to stop it. Could have used key fob, or touched a door handle.

Comment Driver Error (Score 2) 408

Driver either intentionally or accidentally activated the feature, ignored or didn't hear audible chime, ignore Cancellation dialog on the monitor, took foot off brake, opened door exiting vehicle and closed door and then either watched it start to happen 3 seconds later or wasn't looking back at all. See all the details from the log in the article published online in The Verge today.

Comment Re:Other opponents (Score 1) 446

This. Exactly This. If you want a label, go with the GMO-free label. That way the side of the argument that wants the labels is the same side of the argument that has to pay for the costs involved.

And none of us have zero stake financially because we all eat and if the anti-gmo crowd have their way, it will end up costing us all more.

Comment Re:Sort-of-worked. (Score 4, Informative) 54

Pitch is part of the plan. Escape systems need to move the capsule out of the path of the rocket below it.

"T+.5s: After half a second of vertical flight, Crew Dragon pitches toward the ocean and continues its controlled burn. The SuperDraco engines throttle to control the trajectory based on real-time measurements from the vehicle’s sensors."

Comment Re:Can't he still win (Score 4, Informative) 932

Oops, should have hit paste before posting:

"Mr. Cantor can't run as a third-party candidate. Virginia law forbids candidates who lose primary elections from appearing on the general election ballot. It is not immediately clear if he will mount a write-in campaign , as did Sen. Lisa Murkowski (R., Alaska) after losing a 2010 GOP Senate primary." — The Wall Street Journal

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