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Comment Re:Chinese people know... (Score 0) 326

If we cared so much about civil liberties and democracy we would not buy so much stuff from them.

No, if we care so much, we would invade China. At least, the US should do it. They seem to think it's their job to police the world to make sure freedom is everywhere. As a trial, they might want to start with Cuba, it's pretty close </sarcasm>

Comment Re:Yay! (Score 1) 758

The funny thing is this is easily defeated. Minors cannot sign (or click) a contract and have the contract be binding. Many kids play games their parents never play. This way, the contract is never agreed upon and you can resell your property. Whether this could be a work around for more serious software, that remains to be seen.

Comment Re:Yay! (Score 1) 758

To quote the GP post:

One of the ways they make money is when you buy a home you agree to only sell the home through Seaside reality. So they get a cut every time the home is sold forever.

So this is a EULA on a house which controls the reselling of said house. This means they can prevent you from reselling the house (ie: minimum price of 1 BILLION dollars, mwahaha) or impose conditions you normally wouldn't have to deal with. Controlling how a house is resold is basically what the games industry is trying to do.

Comment Re:Windows 95 vs. Windows 98 (Score 2, Interesting) 461

It reminds me of my first internship. I had the choice between running Win95 or NT4. I would crash Win95 at least 3 times a day versus maybe 1 for NT4. What did I choose? Win95. It was rebooting fairly quickly and it ran faster and the machine I had. Win95 was more productive for me despite of the multiple crashes a day. That's sad.

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