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Comment Re:CNN? (Score 3, Interesting) 161

I heard a story on NPR categorizing misleading and untrue news into four categories (which I agree with). Each of these four are often called "fake news" these days but it's obvious only one is.

(1) True fake news. News that has no basis at all and is created to be spread on social media to make ad dollars. These are things like pizza-gate and "pope endorsing trump."

(2) Click bait. The story may be true or somewhat true but headline extremely misleading.

(3) Satire. The onion.

(4) News that contains facts but they are out of context and many other important facts are omitted to promote a narrative.

Comment WYNC's OnTheMedia (Score 1) 385

There was an OTM episode a few months ago that talked honestly about bias in reporting on gun issues. Most reporters for the main stream media live in large metropolitan areas where guns aren't common (for non-criminals anyway) and their knowledge is extremely lacking. They interviewed a journalist from the midwest that took the MSM to task for getting so many basic things about gun control reporting incorrect. Basic facts like the difference between semi-automatic and automatic weapons and how it amplifies the mistrust of MSM for gun owners.

For those that don't know, OTM is produced by WNYC, a pretty liberal NPR affiliate.

Comment Re:Nexus 7 (Score 2) 127

Speaking of this, I will never buy a non-Google Android device again. None of the big players provide reasonable updates and most load your device with crap you can't uninstall. My last phone was a Samsung and I never once used their Samsung apps. They also quickly gave up on providing updates and it was difficult to tell if I was even getting security updates after awhile. Google has been very reliable about providing updates to their Nexus devices and I don't have to worry about Skype permanently installed on my phone.

Comment Re:Well ... yeah. (Score 2) 127

Unfortunately I fall into this category. I bought a Nexus 7 in 2013 and I used it for a couple of weeks before I realized it wasn't very useful. I'm around computers all day so there's really no use for it. The rare case when I'm not around a computer, I just use my phone. I've seen office workers that have both a tablet and laptop and it's amazingly awkward watching them try to force the tablet into their life. It's almost like some people like being seen in meetings with their tablet.

Tablets aren't useless. They make amazing replacements for bulky POS. They work really well for outside workers (think utility workers) that previously would receive work orders on bulky Panasonic toughbooks. They are often simpler than PC's for kiosks. However, for many consumers tablets were a one-time mistake they won't make again.

Comment Probably won't work very well (Score 1) 228

The problem with something like this is that genes don't always express and gene expression isn't binary (on/off). So someone might test as a good leader and then when stressed by the job their gene expression changes and they aren't a good leader anymore. Someone with a biology background can correct me (and probably will) but this sounds like it won't actually work very well in practice.

Comment Doing right by customers (Score 3, Insightful) 123

Doing right by your customers is an important part of retaining them.

I am amazed how Samsung has responded to this. Think about all the recalls (and should-have-been recalls) of the past 30 years. They could have responded

It has come to our attention that a small minority of Note 7 phones (less than 0.001%) have resulted in smoking and short durations of flames when improperly charged. We would like to remind you to always use Samsung brand phone chargers plugged into an electrical socket that meets state and local building codes.

I can't think of a single company whose first response wouldn't have been a denial, followed by months of denials, federal investigations, and then a small fine. Most auto manufacturers have faced deadly design choices and it's not until the government twists their arm do they act.

Comment Another possible fix (Score 2) 185

I heard an anecdotal story about the owner of several Wendy's franchises had issues with people stealing ketchup packets. So they decided to keep the packets behind the counter and patrons had to ask for them. Abuse went down by some huge number.

I think officers have to radio into dispatch all the time (any time they pull someone over, see something suspicious, etc). Database access should be a 2-person deal. Dispatch gets a popup of searches the officer is doing when the officer radios in and dispatch has the opportunity to flag any suspicious access. I think just knowing someone is readily watching would greatly reduce abuse.

Comment Re:Diminishing photo title (Score 1) 196

I'm glad you brought this up. The discussion seems to be around facebook and censorship, but instead let's talk about the Vietnam war, the use of napalm and how terrible and horrific it is, and what led to this poor girl being burned by it.

I'm a millennial and I think very few of us appreciate how senseless the Vietnam war was. There was a draft. A friggin' DRAFT. This doesn't happen anymore. I can't imagine getting a draft card and being sent off to die for a war I do not believe in. America dumped toxic chemicals all over this country and caused cancer in many people. When the veterans got home, they weren't exactly welcomed back on a red carpet.

Maybe someone can correct me or expand since I wasn't alive during the war, but as far as I can tell it was a pretty senseless war and this picture should remind us to be a little more careful with how we step foot on foreign soil.

Comment Kindle format is terrible (Score 2) 140

I own a kindle and it's collecting dust. I've purchased like 5 or so technical kindle books (math and programming). Equations typically can't be scaled or don't display properly. Code examples are formatted so badly they are impossible to read. I originally bought my kindle thinking I could read research papers. Hah! Good luck. Try to read an IEEE two column format research paper on the kindle. Most ebook formats are just as bad. O'Reilly books had the right idea to use pdf's.

Comment Re:How About Some Actual Data... (Score 1) 182

I think the knee jerk reaction is that Rick Scott has spent most of his time as governor trying to weaken environmental protections to appease his donors so he can run for senate in 2018. This is the same governor that sent out a memo that basically says the state isn't allowed to acknowledge global warming.

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