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Comment Re:I'll never let go, Firefox. I'll never let go. (Score 1) 190

Your blanket statement was to the effect that Gecko is always the slowest of the bunch, comparable to only Trident (what specific area of performance you never mention, implying performance of everything). Such are the ingredients of a troll.

Anyway, I've done a stupid thing and compared Opera 10.60 with the FF4 beta (not 3.6.6 as per above poster), just for you.

On my PC, Opera and FF4 are approximately neck-to-neck on the above benchmark, with FF4 having a small but consistent lead of about 10-15%. On zooming in to render in detail, FF's margin increases.

So how about another counterexample:

FF4B1: 476ms
Opera 10.60: 827ms

Still standing by your claim that Opera is "faster" at everything?

Comment Re:I'll never let go, Firefox. I'll never let go. (Score 1) 190

Ok, here's a single counterexample to prove you wrong:

Try it in the Firefox 4 beta, and compare it to the latest Chrome release.

The reason you got modded down is probably because you made a dramatic, blanket claim without backing it up with facts.

Incidentally, browser performance isn't a simple yes/no issue -- it depends on a number of different pieces of technology. E.g. there's DOM and CSS, graphics, and Javascript. Chrome, for instance, does Javascript overall faster than FF (barring some instances, as above), hence Mozilla's work on JaegerMonkey.


Submission + - Firefox 4.0 Beta 1 released ( 1

balster neb writes: Mozilla has released the first Beta of Firefox 4, the next major version of the popular web browser. Apart from the new "Chromified" tabs-on-top UI, there are many major improvements in performance and HTML5 support. This release also adds support for the new WebM video format. Other changes include faster DOM and CSS performance, improved UI responsiveness, hardware 2D acceleration, experimental WebGL support, and better JavaScript performance (though this beta does not include the new JaegerMonkey JIT engine). More details on the Mozilla blog.

Comment Re:A good combination of a storyline and graphics. (Score 3, Interesting) 506

It's clear that graphics alone do not make a good game. But graphics do remain very important in games, especially in 3D oriented titles.

For one, better graphics capabilities give game artists more flexibility in creating the right look and feel in a game. Think for instance how Team Fortress 2's unique visual style has been made possible by the advanced capabilities of modern 3D hardware and the Source engine. While graphics are getting closer and closer to photo-real, many game developers in the future will likely favour a more pseudo-real, stylised look. Why? In order to avoid falling into the uncanny valley.

While there is an obvious trend towards photorealism (this trend is nothing new), many of the best games of this generation aren't quite photorealistic. For example, in GTA IV, while the cityscapes are rendered in a more realistic style, the characters are rendered differently. Even in Crysis, while the environment looks amazingly real, the human characters are ever so slightly cartoony.

But ultimately, your question, pitting the world of Pokemon against Crysis is a bit pointless. It's like asking why people shoot live action film when animations can be just as entertaining. I'm not sure if titles like GTA IV or Crysis or CoD4 would have the same impact if they looked like Pokemon.


Submission + - Steve Jobs had Liver Transplant Two Months Ago

balster neb writes: "ZDNet reports, citing a WSJ article, that Apple CEO Steve Jobs had a liver transplant in Tennessee about two months ago and is said to be recovering well. On his scheduled return to Apple later this month, Jobs may "work part-time for a month or two," according to an unnamed source cited by the WSJ. Apparently at least some Apple directors have been aware of Jobs' surgery, and some board members have been briefed weekly on the his condition as part of an agreement in place before he went on leave. According to William Hawkins, a specialist in pancreatic and gastrointestinal surgery, the rare but slow-growing and treatable form of pancreatic cancer that Jobs was diagnosed with tends to metastasize in the liver during the patient's lifetime. However, according to Dr. Hawkins, patients whose tumors have metastasized can live as long as 10 years without receiving any treatment, so the efficacy of liver transplants as a cure is unclear. Given the scarcity of livers, the use of the procedure in such cases is controversial. It seems that Tennessee may have been chosen by Jobs due to its shorter than average waiting lists for liver transplants."
PC Games (Games)

Submission + - Unreal Tournament 3 Performance Revealed (

Vigile writes: "The Unreal Tournament 3 demo might just be dropping today, but with a launch on the PC, PS3, Xbox 360 and even an in-box Linux client it will definitely be one of the best titles out for the holiday. With an early take on the UT3 demo's performance, PC Perspective has posted an article that compares cards from NVIDIA and AMD in both single and dual-GPU configurations to see which are the best performers. It turns out that even mid-range cards are going to be more than capable of playing UT3 at impressive image quality levels."
PC Games (Games)

Submission + - Id Goes Full Steam Ahead

Dr. Eggman writes: Today, quite wisper and rumors became fact as two FPS giants, Id and Valve joined forces to bring Id games back catalog to Valve's Steam. This marks a huge influx of old classics as well as opening up the possibility of bringing some of the newest, most anticipated Id games to Steam. Expect to hear more from Valve's appearance at Quakecon soon.

Submission + - Converting from XP to Ubuntu ( 1

madgreek writes: "Here is a short story about my switch to Ubuntu from XP at work. I have been Microsoft free for 3 months now at a Microsoft heavy shop. Few people know I am using Open Office and Linux. I create countless documents that people open using Word, Excel, PPT and nobody can tell that they were created using Open Office. pen-source-and-microsoft-free-17339"
Operating Systems

Submission + - A Newbie-Friendly Guide to Switching to Linux

notthatwillsmith writes: I just posted Maximum PC's June cover story, a practical feature explaining exactly what a typical user needs to switch to Linux. I used Ubuntu Feisty as our example distro, but our instructions should work with most any Debian-based distro. While we did include the standard install walkthrough, we also spent a lot of space introducing the apps that people will need to handle common Windows tasks, like ripping CDs, editing and managing photos, and watching videos. Also, we've released the entire article under a Creative Commons license, so if you don't like our instructions, feel free to rewrite them and re-release them yourself!
PC Games (Games)

Submission + - Do PC Games Have A Brighter Future?

Hoi Polloi writes: The New York Times has this article that seems to contradict all of the gloom and doom over the future of PC gaming.

This quote is especially interesting: the first two months of 2007, domestic retail sales of PC games reached $203 million, a 48 percent increase over the $136.8 million in the period a year earlier.

Submission + - 100% efficient lighting devices?

Roland Piquepaille writes: "You all know that incandescent light bulbs are terribly inefficient, turning only 5% of the electricity it consumes into light. Fluorescent lamps are better using up to 25% of its energy as light. And solid state lighting devices lose only 50% of the energy they received. But now, researchers at Arizona State University (ASU) claim they've developed organic lighting devices which are 100% efficient. The researchers think it's possible to produce these solid-state lighting devices based on OLED technology at low cost. If this is true, this would be of major benefit to the environment by conserving energy and natural resources. Read more for additional references about these future lighting devices."
Linux Business

Submission + - ATM based on Suse Linux

sas-dot writes: Slashdot earlier reported the government of Tamil Nadu, a state in southern India, which has begun initiatives to convert all of their IT systems fully to OSS-based software. Now it's pushing forward for a Linux based ATM. The official incharge wrote in his email "ELCOT had successfully developed the first ever ATM (automatic cash dispenser) that runs on suse linux. The prototype was unveiled on the 21st March 2007. ELCOT also wishes to test the ATM in typical Government operations such as National Old Age Pension Scheme, cash dispensing schemes such as National Rural Employment programme etc. It depends on how the Government machinery is ready to accept a new technology such as an ATM" Here is the press release.

Submission + - Island Raised by Earthquake

StupiderThanYou writes: " ABC News Australia is reporting that the island of Ranongga in the Solomon Islands has been lifted three metres higher above sea level by a magnitude 8.1 earthquake on the 2nd of April. A surrounding coral reef popular with scuba divers is now dying in the sunlight, and there are fissures opened up in the island and surrounding seabed. At least they'll be under less threat from rising sea levels."

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