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Comment Re:brick and mortar is an assett (Score 2) 203

In my not-so-distant future, autonomous vehicles that aren't owned by individuals will become the norm. So Walmart would send their autonomous vehicle to deliver my goods. And I would swipe a credit card or some better form of verification would happen that would allow the car to deposit my package when the car arrives in my driveway.

Comment Re:Fragmentation (Score 1) 236

how many are cost-cutting cord-cutters supposed to maintain at once?


Rotate through the streaming services. Pay for a month of Youtube, then cancel it. Pay for a month of Netflix, etc. Most of the popular services have more than enough programming to keep you occupied for the full month. Doesn't work for Prime though, because you have to sign up for a year at a time. Bonus savings if you skip a week or two in between having a service active.

I also buy current seasons for a few shows I care about and get to watch them the day after they air. Overall, it's much cheaper than having cable.

Comment Re:It's a niche product. (Score 1) 200

I have the Voyage, and it does not have tactile buttons. It has force sensors with haptic feedback when it is pressed. You can adjust both the force required to turn the page and the intensity of the haptic feedback.

As far as I know, you cannot disable the touchscreen, but you can disable the force sensor "buttons".

You can dim the light very low, but unfortunately cannot turn it 100% off. I like it because it's easier than reaching for a lamp, and less disturbing if you are laying in bed next to someone trying to sleep.

Some other features I really like:

  • Navigation - it is easy to skim through pages and chapters without losing your place.
  • Long pressing a word pops up the definition, and also adds the word to a vocabulary builder that you can review.
  • The front is completely flat, no inner bezels.

Comment Re: None of my cards have a chip! (Score 2) 317

I'm hoping it will be faster eventually, but right now it is slowing things down (American perspective, for other countries this might not be the case).

Almost all of the terminals I see now have both a slot of swiping and for the chip. Except some stores require you to swipe, the chip part doesn't work yet. And some stores require you to use the chip if your card has it. So you never know which one to use.

With swiping, you can usually do it while the cashier is scanning your items, which means my wallet is already back in my pocket and I just have to sign when they are done scanning. With chip, you have to insert your card and leave it there until the transaction is complete. The processing time before the card has been accepted is also noticeably longer than when swiping.

Most importantly though, I have never actually been prompted for a PIN when using the chip. It's always chip and sign.

Comment Re:No, not at all (Score 1) 112

Hello fellow Gainesville T-Mobile customer! The home I moved into about 2 years ago had poor reception, but I was able to get a free repeater from T-Mobile. Just call 611 and ask about it.

This will help if you're able to get a consistent signal at least one bar somewhere in the residence. Of course your luck may be different getting a free repeater since it's at your girlfriend's apartment.

The building I work in has very thick walls so I'm in the same boat as you there, but I just rely on Google Voice over WiFi to get me through that.

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