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Submission + - 1.5 million stolen Facebook IDs up for sale (

bagsta writes: A hacker named Kirllos has a rare deal for anyone who wants to spam, steal, or scam on Facebook: an unprecedented number of user accounts offered at rock-bottom prices. Researchers at VeriSign's iDefense group recently spotted Kirllos selling Facebook user names and passwords in an underground hacker forum, but what really caught their attention was the volume of credentials he had for sale: 1.5 million accounts.

Submission + - Nokia launches Ovi maps to challenge to sat-navs (

bagsta writes: Phone giant Nokia has launched a free map and navigation service for its handsets that analysts believe could challenge stand-alone sat-nav devices. The service stores maps on the phone, cutting down the need to update and download new ones over the network. Ovi maps will initially be available on 10 handsets and will offer so-called "turn-by-turn" navigation, similar to that in existing GPS devices. It can display local data from travel guides, such as Lonely Planet. Users can also post their location to Facebook.

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