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Submission + - Data Breach Could Test Massachusetts Law (

Gunkerty Jeb writes: The Massachusetts Attorney General has been notified that financial data on 1,800 residents was exposed in a database breach linked to the CitySights NY sightseeing firm. Could this be the test case for enforcement of the State's nine month-old data privacy law?The leak of financial information on more than 100,000 customers of the CitySights sightseeing tour company could prove to be an early test of the nation's strongest data privacy law.

Submission + - ECS A530, Transmeta CPU - operating sytem advice

badkarmadayaccount writes: "I have a friend proud new owner of such a machine, though it's loaded with XP SP3 — not exactly a justice to it. I am considering WinFLP, though I would like to put linux on it, I can't seem to find a userfriendly lightweight distro for it — Fedora kernel panics on boot, apparently an issue with a missing instruction in the CMS, and Ubuntu as well claims being an i686 distro. Maybe mint? But I don't think I can rely on my judgement for this — that's why I'm turning to you, slashdot."

Why AT&T Killed iPhone Google Voice 304

ZuchinniOne writes "The Wall Street Journal has a very interesting article about the likely reasons that AT&T and Apple killed the Google Voice application. 'With Google Voice, you have one Google phone number that callers use to reach you, and you pick up whichever phone — office, home or cellular — rings. You can screen calls, listen in before answering, record calls, read transcripts of your voicemails, and do free conference calls. Domestic calls and texting are free, and international calls to Europe are two cents a minute. In other words, a unified voice system, something a real phone company should have offered years ago.'"
Technology (Apple)

Submission + - Configuring a MacBook for a High School Grad? 1

XxtraLarGe writes: "My stepson just graduated high school last week, and for his graduation gift we're buying him a MacBook. We plan to buy him the 2.13 GHz model. He will be studying computer animation & graphic design next Fall, and they use Macs in many of his classes. I need some advice on RAM, HD & setting up Boot Camp, and setting up user accounts.
  • RAM: This model comes with 2 1GB SO-DIMMs. Will this be sufficient, or do I need to upgrade? I know Apple's RAM is pretty expensive ($90 for 2 2GB SO-DIMMs), but I haven't found any deals on RAM that were a lot cheaper. I'm thinking it will just be more convenient to have it shipped with 4 GB unless I can save some money.
  • HD & Boot Camp: This model comes with a 160 GB HD. I plan to install Vista, I'd like him to have the Windows option if he has any classes that require windows specific hardware. Will this HD be sufficient for 2 OS's, or should I drop another $45 to get a 250 GB HD? How big of a partition should I give it for Vista & MS Office?
  • User Accounts: Should I create 2 user accounts (one admin & one standard user), or should I just set his normal account as the Admin. The only experience he has is on computers where he's a standard user and doesn't have any admin rights. I don't want him accidentally installing any Trojans, etc.

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