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Comment Re:Wonder why (Score 1) 207

Around me (DC) people seem to be voting for the shoebox, or at least rental. I live near a Metro stop, and in the last 10 years there have been at least 5000 rental units added around me, with more in the pipeline. DC itself (no suburbs) added more than 50,000 residents between 2012 & 2015, and that seems to be continuing. A lot of younger people around here are not interested in long commutes, they want city life.

Comment Re:If self driving cars take off (Score 1) 207

Does this do away with motorcycles?

On the contrary, I see self driving cars as a boon to motorcycles. The main reason I am concerned about riding is other drivers, and self driving cars should be way less likely to do the didn't see the red light/need to turn right from the left lane/ various other stupid stuff that take out way too many bikes. I could even see adding a transponder or something so that you are marked unmistakably as a human controlled motorcycle, and given a wide berth.

Comment Re: Telephone Game: Racist Edition (Score 3, Insightful) 197

You're literally worse than the stinking Communists that actually let me visit my West German grandfather.

Why would communists prevent you from visiting your West German grandfather? West Germany was never run by communists.

I know nothing about K. S. Kyosuke, but I interpreted that to mean he (she?) had grown up in East Germany or at least the Eastern bloc, but had been able to travel to West Germany.

Comment Re:Good (Score 1) 320

I would certainly recommend Mint; I have several friends who also have had good luck with it although one is having some driver issues syncing a Samsung phone. I like CentOS on servers but I think Mint is a better desktop.

I do remember the days of frustrating little issues which would take days of forum hunting to resolve (if I ever managed to), so I am very aware of what a minor miracle it is when everything Just Works.

Comment Re:Ridiculous (Score 1) 319

No flat map of the world is more or less accurate than any other.

That's not strictly true; they are just more or less accurate in different ways. For example the Peters projection is, as the article states, accurate in terms of area. I think that they would have been better off using something like the Winkel tripel, which tries to strike a balance between the area, direction, and distance distortions.

Comment Re:Good (Score 1) 320

Let me ask you this -- have you had to research your hardware first?

If I were buying a new machine, I'd probably do some research. For a standard desktop, I wouldn't sweat it. The last laptop I installed Mint on was a few years old Sony which was given to me to dispose of by a co worker who was sick of Windows not working on it for her. I put in an SSD and ran the Mint install to see how it would work, and everything except the camera worked out of the box. I did a little googling and less than half an hour later that was working too. Would I want to tell my mom to get that camera working? No. But it wasn't beyond anyone who's at the point of worrying about limiting Windows update.

That laptop I sometimes use to connect to Windows desktops at work, and even RDP works well. There is literally nothing I want to do on a regular basis that I can't do on that machine. Admittedly I don't use Adobe Creative Suite or anything specific like that, nor gaming, which could be a dealbreaker for some people.

Comment Good (Score 4, Interesting) 320

The people on metered connections, or those who care enough to set their non-metered connections to metered just to try to get some control, may finally be pushed to try something new. I'm always impressed at how well Mint has worked on any recent installs, and I haven't come across any showstoppers for my use. More users for Linux (and MacOS, but I don't really care about that).

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