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Comment Re:IOT (Score 1) 47

Ah. I have been looking at the Amcrests, and I have set up zoneminder before, but I want remote access for my application. I may actually end up with some cloudy cameras (Blink or Arlo maybe), since at least they are connecting out to a server and not allowing access in. In theory they should be more secure that way.

Comment Re: As it should be (Score 1) 230

You'll still be able to get a $5k car. You will just have to wait an extra 10 years after the original purchaser has paid the $3k for the autonomous upgrade to get one with self driving features. Think about it - even when they become available, they will initially only be a small part of the cars sold in, say, 2020. Even if they are the majority of cars sold by 2030, there will still be lots of used non autonomous cars available at that point and beyond. Maybe by 2050 it will be hard to get anything else, but who knows what Uber will be offering as a per mile rate by then - maybe car ownership will seem quaint to some people, at least in urban areas.

Comment Re:One solution (Score 2) 164

It would actually be pretty great if there were a site which would let you scan the ip address you were coming from (so you couldn't use it against others) with a full Metasploit style array of checks. It could be helpful to a lot of home users who have a basic NAT router going on, maybe with some port forwarding so they can get to various devices like DVRs.

Hopefully someone is going to chime in "You mean like..."

Comment Re:How utterly predictable from Samsung. (Score 1) 446

>According to them: "among the features people most care about in a high-end smartphone ... is the camera."

My next phone, that's pretty much what it's going to come down to. I rarely use my headphone jack, don't really care about SD cards and removable batteries and don't really care too much about screen resolution. But I do use the camera quite a lot.

Comment Re:Don't agree with the conclusion .... (Score 1) 235

If we committed to gradually raising taxes on fossil fuels in a predictable way, we would encourage the purchase of more energy efficient vehicles. Even prices half of what they have in Europe would go a long way towards this. If you knew that in 10 years the minimum price per gallon would be $4-5, and that taxes would be going up ~$.25 a year until then, your next car purchase might be a smaller one than otherwise.
Opting for electric cars, while obviously a nice idea, is currently even harder for poor people than raising fuel prices. A Volt will be $30k after tax credits; a Corolla is less than half that.

Comment Re:Mobile Data and WiFI (Score 1) 222

You should look at Cricket. I have their basic plan, $35/mo on autopay; unlimited talk and text, and 2.5GB of 4G data over AT&T towers. Now, that data is limited to something like 8Mbps I think, which is plenty fast for me, and if I ever hit the limit (I never have, but my kids have on theirs) I'll be throttled to 128kbps which is still enough to stream Pandora or run Waze. I know exactly how much I'm going to be paying each month, I can use whatever unlocked GSM phone I want, and i can switch at the drop of a hat if something better comes along.

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