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Comment That's not it (Score 1) 156

If you take Windows Phone, where we are differentiated on Windows Phone is on manageability. It's security, it's Continuum capability -- that is, the ability to have a phone that can act like a PC. So we're going to double-down on those points of differentiation."

Seems to me that the primary point of differentiation is that Windows phones have far fewer apps available than the big two, and jamming the store onto PCs hasn't fixed that.

Comment Re:It helps the economy too (Score 1) 351

I know that carburetted dirt bikes will run fine on ethanol, but you have to be very careful about either completely draining the carb before putting them away for even a few week, or (preferably and) add something like stabil to the gas. The ethanol based gas goes off in a float bowl quickly and you're stuck cleaning the jets.

Comment Re:The answer is no, this is pointless (Score 1) 230

As others have pointed out, when they say "IoT devices" they usually turn out to mean "embedded Linux box", and any articles where I've seen details they really seem to come down to the cheap linux-based-activex-clients-only security camera DVRs which usually have you open port 9000 or something to get external access. Many of these things, in addition to other vulnerabilities, have a hard coded root password.

Comment Re:Karma (Score 1) 393

Most other developed nations that utilize a lot of desalination (Saudi Arabia, Israel, UAE, etc.) actually pay less than 1/3rd per liter for desalinated water than we pay for water in Ventura County. If we could desalinate our water, we should be able to - theoretically - slash our water costs by a factor of 3...

Sure, if you can get the Saudi government to subsidize you that might happen. From

The apparent paradox of very low water tariffs and water privatization is explained by government subsidies. The government buys desalinated water from private operators at high prices and resells the bulk water for free.

According to a 2000 estimate by the World Bank, the government paid annual subsidies of US$3.2 billion, equivalent to 1.7% of GDP and 7% of oil revenues.

Comment Artisinal (Score 1) 428

By "traditional" I think he means "artisinal", not "standard". Slate and tile are certainly not standard roof materials these days. I'm also skeptical that these could last as long as slate - the slate on my house is 80 years old and mostly going strong.

Having said that, if I were in a suitable location and needed a new roof, I'd give these the old cost / benefit analysis.

Comment Re: Are linux adverts still bad adverts? (Score 1) 535

Apple will price their products to reflect the development costs and engineering expense they invest to design and deliver new parts, services, and experience.

Up to a point that's true. In this case, however, I read an article which argued that the price hike had more to do with repositioning the Macbooks as the highest end of a continuum of products. Basically they need to be a reasonable jump up from the ipad pro, hence the new price. I tend to think that's the case, rather than them trying to recoup R&D costs.

Comment Re:That's called a "helicopter" (Score 1) 107

"Vertical Take-off and Landing" (VTOL) vehicle is marketing bullshit for helicopter.

If the rotors turn forward and allow regular flight like an airplane after liftoff, then it's a VTOL - regular wings have efficiency and other advantages over helicopters which make this desirable.

Comment Re:Who should we blame? (Score 2) 190

The problem with some of these devices is that they also have a hardcoded root password. I have one like that - I kept it behind its own router since I didn't trust it, but took it offline a couple of months ago when I learned that it has a hardcoded root and no new firmware. I had changed the admin password of course, but that really didn't do anything.
I'm no longer going to allow an open port for any device like this, but most people won't know how to set up a vpn for home.

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