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Comment Fuck them. (Score 1) 98

I know I'm not buying any.

I don't want a thinner MacBook. I want one I can upgrade.

I don't want a dongle laden iPhone. I want a mother fucking headphone jack.

Honestly, the new MacBooks are shit. I buy used MacBooks from 2012 and upgrade the components and they are fine.

Apple is fucking over their customers.

And I'm an iOS developer.

Submission + - Supercomputers help researchers improve severe hail storms forecasts

aarondubrow writes: Researchers working on the Severe Hail Analysis, Representation and Prediction (SHARP) project at University of Oklahoma used the Stampede supercomputer to gain a better understanding of the conditions that cause severe hail to form, and to produce hail forecasts with far greater accuracy than those currently used operationally. The model the team used is six times more resolved that the National Weather Service's highest-resolution official forecasts and applies machine learning algorithms to improve its predictions. The researchers will publish their results in an upcoming issue of the American Meteorological Society journal Weather and Forecasting.

Submission + - USB Trojan Hides In Portable Applications, Targets Air-Gapped Systems

itwbennett writes: A Trojan program, dubbed USB Thief by researchers at antivirus firm ESET, infects USB drives that contain portable installations of popular applications like Firefox, NotePad++ or TrueCrypt, and seems to be designed to steal information from so-called air-gapped computers that are not connected to the Internet. 'In the case we analyzed, it was configured to steal all data files such as images or documents, the whole windows registry tree (HKCU), file lists from all of the drives, and information gathered using an imported open-source application called 'WinAudit',' the ESET researchers said in a blog post. The stolen data was saved back to the USB drive and was encrypted using elliptic curve cryptography. Once the USB drive was removed, there was no evidence left on the computer, the ESET researchers said.

Comment Re:Bet Alsop isn't used to being fired (Score 4, Insightful) 339

Not really. It looks like a dick move on Elon's part. I like Elon, but it looks like Stewart was in the right here and Elon's looking kind of petty, making an overly harsh personal response instead of addressing the issue with the man like a decent human.

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