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Submission + - Active Whitehouse Petition: Shorten excessive copyright terms. (whitehouse.gov)

warrior389 writes: We petition the obama administration to:

Shorten excessive copyright terms

Current copyright terms are much longer than necessary for promoting progress. Excessive copyright terms limit the usefulness of the works they cover without leading to the creation of more works.

I ask the government to limit copyright terms to a maximum of 10 years with no exceptions. Compared to current copyright terms 10 years may sound very short, but 10 years is a long time; it may still be too long. I also ask that currently active copyright terms all end within 10 years.

It is not society's duty to reward authors and artists for their creativity or hard work. Copyright should only exist as an incentive. The excessive monopoly terms must end.

Created: Jan 01, 2013
Current Signatures: 2,551
Deadline: January 31st, 2013

Role Playing (Games)

Submission + - Skyrim DLC is finally coming to PSN, but is it too late? (goozernation.com)

kube00 writes: The Skyrim DLC for PSN was announced all over gaming sites the last day or so. Skyrim DLC is finally coming to Playstation 3! Bethesda says it will be available in early February and it will be 50% off the first week or so. But is it too late for gamers? Have Skyrim fans moved on? Why did it take so long to come to PS3?

Submission + - Internet Broadband Tax: Would You Pay? (anewdomain.net)

An anonymous reader writes: Remember the Internet Tax Freedom Act? The whole point was to prevent the government from ever taxing the Internet. But that's the proposal from the FCC — and backed by companies like Google, AT&T and Sprint. Would you pay a buck or two extra for fast access — or vote for someone who thinks you should? This story is under the radar but it is about to explode. TechNow with Gina Smith. 90 second nightly tech scoop commentary.

Submission + - Aussies fleeced hundreds of thousands in sports betting scam (scmagazine.com.au)

mask.of.sanity writes: Australians are being fleeced thousands of dollars by a fellow countryman who is running fraudulent online sports betting websites.

The sports arbitrage scam sites have left a trail of victims which police say mount daily. In one instance, a grandmother was robbed of her $A80,000 life savings.

The sites continue to operate under the noses of under resourced police which were thought to have stalled the investigation.

Submission + - Scientists use game controller to guess your memories. (cbslocal.com)

An anonymous reader writes: Apparently it is possible to use a $299 thought powered game controller to guess what memories are in your brain. And to think, just a few years ago we were all laughing and making tin-foil hat jokes. Haven't heard any of those recently.

Submission + - From the Mixed-Up Files of Judge Rya W. Zobel

theodp writes: While U.S. District Court Judge Rya W. Zobel found music-sharer Joel Tenenbaum's 'blatant contempt of warnings and apparent disregard for the consequences of his actions' warranted the $675,000 penalty he received for downloading and distributing 31 songs, Zobel has in the past shown she'll to go to bat for a bad boy who she feels has received excessive punishment. Back in 2005, for instance, Zobel issued a favorable ruling for imprisoned child rapist Joseph Schmitt, allowing him to sue his jailers after he lost his TV privileges for ten weeks for mailing out pornographic stories about children. Zobel argued that prison rules only prohibited inmates from sharing 'pictorial' pornography, not Schmitt's literary efforts (full decision, PDF). Zobel, by the way, was a one-time contender for U.S. Attorney General and is the ex-wife of Judge "Hiller the Killer" Zobel, who pioneered sharing Court files on the Internet.

Submission + - Apple to release 4-inch iPod Touch this Fall (edibleapple.com)

An anonymous reader writes: With the resounding success of the iPhone, Apple’s iPod line has been languishing over the past few years. So while iPhone growth continues to increase by leaps and bounds, Apple’s iPod sales have been trending downwards for a few quarters now.

But the iPod still generates a few billion bucks for Apple each quarter and it's not as if they're going to give up on the device that helped return them to relevancy and prominence anytime soon. Indeed, a series of reports indicates that Apple has big plans for its iPod lineup this Fall. Specifically, Apple will reportedly release a revamped iPod Touch model with a 4-inch screen alongside a redesigned and iPhone-esque iPod Nano sometime in September.

Will this be enough to kickstart the iPod line once again?


Submission + - 4 insights to marketing and selling open source software (opensource.com)

caseyb89 writes: How do you create a business and profit on free software? It's a vague concept even for some of the most devoted computer scientists. Paul Salazar has worked at several open source software companies, and he explains four insights on marketing and selling open source software. According to Salazar, it's more important to focus on how the software can be used and what problem it solves rather than the software itself.

Submission + - Ask Slashdot: Good Books About Mobile / Web 2.0 Architecture? (amazon.com)

bakoolguy2 writes: There seems to be an emerging software architecture where there is some service hosted on a web server which has multiple access points either via a web browser or mobile app. An example would be Facebook or CNN.com. Some may call it "Web 2.0" or "Software as a Service." Having only done low level embedded C++, this area is unfamiliar to me. I want to the best practices of this pattern enough to try it. I looked at Web Architectures and Designing Web Interfaces but I'm not sure if they are exactly what I'm looking for. Which would books would you recommend?

Submission + - Record Number of Phishing Websites in the Wild (net-security.org)

An anonymous reader writes: The reach and ambition of cybercrime gangs advances apace today, a decade on from when the first phishing attacks were reported. In the first quarter of the year, reports received by the APWG indicate new record highs in the numbers of attacks on identifiable brands, the numbers of phishing websites to lure Web users — and in the proportion of malware executables comprised of advanced Trojans for cybercrime. The APWG reports that February and March 2012 sustained an all-time high of 392 brands targeted by phishers. This was an 8 percent increase from the previous all-time high of 362, recorded in December 2011. During the quarter, USA remained the top nation for hosting phishing-based Trojans, and Azerbaijan cracked the top 10 for the first time ever, in March 2012.

Submission + - SPAM: Mercedes-Benz Reveals A New Safety System Reveals For Rear Passengers- Beltbag

albertderio writes: "Soon future cars of Mercedes Benz will be equipped with new inflatable seat-belt strap. The new safety system is similar as Ford Company is providing in the Ford Explorer. The Mercedes-Benz’s new strap called “Beltbag” that will reduce injury risk to rear passengers in head on collision. It is developed to reduce the damage on the ribcage."
Link to Original Source
The Military

Submission + - Fiddler on the root (f-secure.com) 1

An anonymous reader writes: F-Secure antivirus company of Finland has reported receiving e-mails from an iranian nuclear scientist, who says persian uranium-235 isotope refining efforts have just been hit with yet another cyber strike. (Stuxnet, Duqu and Flamer-Skywiper being the previous iterations of the same Operation Project Olympic attack plan.)

Last month, President Obama's staff has admitted to N. Y. Times that there is a joint IL-US cybermilitary operation behind the mishaps iranians have recently been suffering with their UF6 gas refining centrifuge systems in the Natanz and Fordo plants.

This time, the unverified e-mail claims, a new Metasploit-based malware owns iranian VPNs, causes fault in the nuclear plants' Siemens-based industrial control systems and randomly starts to play AC/DC's "Thunderstruck" aloud via the infected computers' speakers.


Submission + - More EU Consultation: Cyber Security Legislatikon (techweekeurope.co.uk)

judgecorp writes: "Alongside its consultation on Net Neutrality, the European Commission is canvassing opinions on possible European cyber security laws, which could create a harmonised approach to tackling online crime across the continent — or else, depending on your viewpoint, it could add unpopular bureaucracy such as a requirement to report data breaches."

Submission + - JP Morgan overhauls IT system to slash trading errors and cut costs (computerworlduk.com)

Qedward writes: JP Morgan Chase is overhauling business processes, improving product development and slashing the costs of trading, as part of a major IT initiative.

The news comes as the banking giant said it was implementing global trading and asset servicing platforms, and investing heavily in fast-growing areas such as mobile payments.

JP Morgan Chase, where nearly a third of its 25,000 staff work in IT, has told investors that it is working fast to slash trading errors and redevelop key platforms. The company is reported to have a $2 billion (£1.3 billion) annual budget for technology...

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