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Submission + - Ask Slashdot: can anyone explain why re-installing windows 8.1 is so difficult?

axor1337 writes: Short back story, I manage a small computer repair shop and am very familiar with how to re-install windows. Windows 8 has been a different animal as many of you know. These Machine are pre-activated with a key that is stored in the firmware. Unlike previous versions of window the key isn't accessible by the end user. Today I was working a customer's Asus laptop it was infected with a version of cyrpto-Locker and the recovery Partition was corrupted. Normally (with every other OEM) we would just do a clean install with a windows 8.1 thumb drive and call it a day. when doing this on a ASUS laptop it always asks for a KEY. this doesn't happen with any other OEM. I called ASUS tech support and they informed me that their system don't have an embedded key. and that they "Can't offer recovery disc's" . I hung up and called again and got the same info. that just doesn't sound right with what I know about Windows 8 activation. Does anyone in the Slashdot Community Have any Idea's.

Comment Mechanical hard drives (Score 1) 307

I am the manager of a computer repair shop in that capacity hdd's are the most common hardware failure. Most repairs are software problems. Almost every Computer I see I my shop has conduit, pc optimizer, or other crap on it. But number 2 issue is failed hard drive. And nobbody has backups.

Comment Be a Professional (Score 0) 246

I manage a computer repair shop. I teach my guys that discretion is paramount. First of all I'd they snoop on customer files they get fired. Second if the do see something they aren't to discuss it. Finally if they stumble on something criminal (like kiddy porn) they report it to me and I deal with it. In the case of the aforementioned I'll call the cops. But I make the decision and the responsibility.

Comment Chrome new goto (Score 0) 362

I manage a local computer repair shop, until recently we installed Firefox by default with operating system reinstall 's. Now we have moved to recommending chrome mainly be many of our user are having issues with sites like pogo working on Firefox. I think this is a nail in a fast closing coffin for Mozilla, users want things to just work and Firefox no longer does. But chrome never seems to fail.

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