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Submission + - Major ISPs target pirates with 'six strike' plan (

awyeah writes: "AT&T, Cablevision, Comcast, Time Warner Cable, and Verizon have reached an agreement with music and movie publishers that will help enforce copyright infringement while giving the ISPs a chance to level with their customers." It's a six-step process that involves notifying the offending user multiple times as well as helping to educate them in case their system has been compromised and illegal activity is taking place without their knowledge.

Submission + - Amazon To Offer Ad-Supported Kindle (

awyeah writes: Amazon will soon be offering a discounted, ad-supported wifi Kindle called "Kindle with Special Offers." The price will be $114, a $25 discount from the $139 wifi-only device. Note that the advertisements will not appear during reading, only on the screen saver and home page. Will that be enough of a discount to get readers to purchase an ad-supported device?

Submission + - Wireless for the People in Your Neighborhood (

rhinokitty writes: Today I begun beta testing 510pen, a community wireless mesh network that allows people in the East Bay Area to share their Internet connection to create an open wireless infrastructure for, as they said on Sesame Street, "the people in your neighborhood." 510pen is partnering with Media Alliance and Cernio Technology Cooperative in order to create a non-profit member-benefit cooperative to manage the wireless network.

So far it has been great. I just cracked open my new wireless mesh gateway, the Model OM1P from Open Source Mesh Solutions, all I had to do to get setup was plug it in as a replacement for my old wireless router. Then I could get online using the SSID "open-mesh," go to and register. About five minutes after registering my wireless gateway updated itself and my new customized 510pen wireless mesh node was online. I also have a private wireless network I can use that isn't available to the public. I will be keeping a log of my connection and uptime, hopefully it helps the network.


SSL Renegotiation Attack Becomes Real 97

rastos1 and several other readers noted that the SSL vulnerability we discussed a couple of weeks back, which some researchers had claimed was too theoretical to worry about, has now been demonstrated by exploit. The attack description is available on "A Turkish grad student has devised a serious, real-world attack on Twitter that targeted a recently discovered vulnerability in the SSL protocol. The exploit by Anil Kurmus is significant because it successfully targeted the so-called SSL renegotiation bug to steal Twitter login credentials that passed through encrypted data streams. All in all, a man in the middle is able to steal the credentials of a user authenticating himself through HTTPS to a trusted website."

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