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Submission + - SPAM: The Linux Advantage

autoverzekeringen writes: "Headquartered on the M4/M5 intersection LinuxIT is the UK's leading authority and specialist on the application of Linux based systems. A Red Hat Premier Partner, we use our specialist skills and experience to assist organisations in the commercial, public and voluntary sectors to harness the benefits of Open Source and Linux. We do this by expanding their IT capabilities, reducing their IT Infrastructure costs and increasing their competitive advantage through the..."
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Submission + - SPAM: Autoverzekering berekenen

autoverzekeringen writes: "Autoverzekering berekenen is the most friendly way to find out if your current coverage is still actual. The Netherlands is known for having many automobiles. Although slightly less than twice the size of New-Jersey, proportionally has more cars. This has a huge impact on the ecosystem. A environmentally friendly auto insurance is just the stimulus needed. Autoverzekering berekenen helps with finding and selecting the best auto insurance in the Netherlands. Visit for more information and the whole cap of the cup."
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Submission + - SPAM: Centraal beheer autoverzekering

autoverzekeringen writes: "Centraal Beheer autoverzekering is one of the most eco-friendly auto insurance of the Netherlands. Centraal Beheer itself claimed to have the most environmentally friendly auto insurance in the World. See what they mean when they claim something bold as this and find out more about the Centraal beheer autoverzekering"
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