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Submission + - Domain has been deleted (

An anonymous reader writes: WikiLeaks Domain Name Provider Says It Has Withdrawn Service to the Name. This is what the Cybersecurity Act of 2009, with it's various names, has bought you. The Executive branch of the USA now controls the Domain Names of Planet Earth. All slippery slopes go down hill.

Submission + - College class crowd-source their assignment (

jjtokyo writes: Faced with the challenge of designing and publishing 10 psychology experiments in only 3 months, students in Temple University's Japan Campus have set up a website so that they could get some help from... pretty much anybody else in the world! Powered with software from University of Southern California's Institute for the Future of Book, the website ( allows anyone to comment and debunk the students' writings. So far, the class has received expert feedback from a crowd as varied as a Science-published psychologist from the UK, a start-up CEO from South Africa, a lawyer from Switzerland, and a whole class of Psychology students from Temple's main campus in Philadelphia.

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