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Journal Journal: Is A Contractor Necessary For Building A House?

You are just a few steps to building your dream house, but you are torn between hiring a contractor or taking care of the construction project yourself. Find out why a contractor is essential to the process.

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Journal Journal: Longer Maternity Leave For Women

Working women can now enjoy longer maternity leave of 120 to 150 days once the Senate Bill 1305 will be approved. Even fathers can benefit from this bill.

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Journal Journal: Truth in Lending Act

Before binding yourself into an agreement with a lending firm, make sure you are educated on the finance charges and other fees.

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Journal Journal: Rule On Legal Separation

What are the rules you need to be aware of when filing a petition for legal separation?

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Journal Journal: The Philippine Anti-Dummy Law

Foreigners who intend to purchase a piece of land or property in the Philippines are caught in a dilemma because of the law. The Anti-Dummy Law is a must-read for foreigners.

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