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Submission + - thorium = 155k years of energy (

astar writes: "We need a lot more energy. Breeder reactors will take us to the end of the century. Thorium cycle will take us out a 100k years. Development and implementation of new and better nuclear power tech is contrasted to spending resources on making our old nuclear power plants last longer."

Submission + - uranium shortage? (

astar writes: "I recall that when slashdot discusses nuclear power, there is a lot of talk about not enough uranium and so on. Here is some russian take on their nuclear deal with india and some calculated numbers on a thorium cycle reactor. I guess India has been interested in a full fuel cycle for sometime. Here is a long summary of what everyone is doing on nuclear power. Looks like everyone has better tech than the USA where it really counts. Oh, volcker just commented on that."

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