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Submission + - China on the Apollo program (larouchepac.com)

astar writes: "The guy in charge of Chinese lunar exploration tells us that Apollo gave the US a 14:1 economic payback and made the US the world's tech leader for 20 years. Hey, for some reason, the guy with the biggest lunar exploration plans already, wants to speed things up and it looks like he is not sure whether their manned unar landing will in 2025 or 2030 yet. Hmm, maybe. If he was a current US type, you would notice that he did not quite get quoted as saying China was going to do a manned moon landing, and then be sure he was pretty much blowing smoke. But, hey, the way I look at it, on the rare occasions when we do something right on industrial policy, other countries' notice the results and try real hard to figure out what we did right and how to do the same thing for their country. Maybe we should pretend we are some third-world place with no hope and figure out what the ancient US did right. Sort of like studying dead civilizations. Ah, well, it is well known we do not study history. And so, sooner or later, we will in fact end up with no future."

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