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Comment This Isn't Just on iPhone (Score 2) 111

Using the SMS URL scheme in Chrome on Android does the exact same thing. If any webpage has a link or uses Javascript to simulate a click to an SMS URL, it will bring up your default messaging app with a pre-populated phone number and optional message.

[a href="sms:+18005551234?body=hello%20there"]SMS Me[/a]

Like iOS, this does not automatically send the message. I don't know why this is not reported as being just a feature of modern browsers like the old mailto: tag. This is a feature, not an exploit. Whether or not it should even be a feature in the first place is another argument altogether.

Comment Re:Repeal the DMCA will always be my pick (Score 1) 392

I also voted for the DMCA to be repealed. However, after some thought, I don't think could that possibly end well. All I can see is some industry-drafted, ALEC-style bill being rushed through because you know the MAFIAA will spin its repeal as "Piracy is now legal". The bill that takes its place will then be rushed through and be much, much worse. While the DMCA is most certainly flawed, it is definitely better than what I see taking its place if it is ever repealed. My only solution would be to create more exemptions and create more safe harbors than outright repealing it.

Comment Re:Another one? (Score 1) 132

Exactly! I absolutely love btrfs, but it is still more or less experimental and under constant develoment. Why can't Overstreet and his team just work with the btrfs team since they're looking at basically the same feature set. I love Linux and all, but geez, we don't need to reinvent the wheel every few years.

Comment Thoughtcrime! (Score 5, Interesting) 244

Next, we should go after the language teachers because they facilitate this illegal behavior by teaching people how to read and write. If that doesn't make sense, then you are much smarter than these authority figures because that has about as much to do with committing a crime as what these people have done.

Comment Re:Greed (Score 1) 528

Same here. I signed up for Hulu+ and paid for a month (No free trial? Really?) because I thought I would be getting an ad-free experience. I watched maybe two episodes of something before I rage-quit due to being bombarded with ads. For all the good it did, I even wrote in the comments when I canceled that the paid tier should not have ads.

Comment Re: Competition (Score 1) 61

If Microsoft sold their advertising division to AOL, who was just purchased by Verizon, then I shudder to think of the consequences of that.

Verizon, first and foremost a telecom, has been trying to hitch its wagon to the advertising bandwagon for a while now, and doing some pretty shady things to do so (remember X-UIDH, anyone?). Now that they have AOL and Microsoft's advertising portfolios, a large subscriber base in their wired and wireless telecom divisions, and the stones to flat-out inject irremovable tracking headers into customer traffic, I don't see how this can turn out well. It took a huge uproar from security researchers to even get them to admit to the X-UIDH tracking headers and then pressure from the Senate to even get them to offer an opt-out.

All I can say is you better keep your ad filters updated, and if you subscribe to any Verizon services, start looking into a VPN even if you opt-out of their super-cookies. Not that I trust Google, but I trust Verizon WAY less.

Comment Re:I've lost track of how many times I've been bur (Score 3, Interesting) 289

Unfortunately, not all driver updates fall under the optional updates. I agree that most are, but I had a client come to me saying his wireless driver was "missing". It was installed, but non-functional. Oddly, it didn't show a "failed to start" yellow triangle or any other anomalies in the device manager. I rolled back the driver and checked Windows Update to find an "Intel Centrino Wireless-N" critical update. It kept installing automatically until I hid the update. It is rare that this happens, but does from time-to-time.

Comment Re:Ring around the rosie... (Score 2) 99

I had an entire office to get back online Wednesday morning; all of their workstations were running Panda. Not exactly the kind of thing you want to hear first thing in the morning.

I initially thought a Windows update went awry, but finally got a clue when one of the workstations that was semi-functional had Panda pop up a warning that the graphics driver was infected.

I was able to get about 90% of the PCs back in order using System Restore. Some were too far gone and I ended up re-imaging them from a backup. Luckily their server was running a different AV product, so I was able to pull the images without too much hassle. In all, I had about 25 workstations back up within about an hour and a half working by myself, and that included uninstalling Panda (leaving the quarantined files in place so I could move them back later) and just using Microsoft Security Essentials until I find them another AV. I'm usually willing to give companies second chances, but Verizon has ruined it for everyone and has made me rethink that policy. Also working against Panda is the fact it took them almost 24 hours to release a cleanup tool. Granted, I'm glad they took time to test it, but the response time was just awful.

Comment Re:Clearly AdBlock (Score 2) 353

Mod this up. If advertisers didn't look at Times Square and think, "Yes! This!, everywhere! And louder! And spammier! Maybe throw in 3 autoplaying videos and a few infectious diseases (malvertising)", I wouldn't be so inclined to block ads. As it stands, they can fuck right off.

And content creators aren't off the hook, either. They should vet their ads instead of just allowing whatever scumbag ad-network to throw whatever onto the page (looking at you, Taboola). I think Hack-a-Day does a good job with that; their ads are simple, static images and are relevant to the target audience. Site owners/operators also need to give visitors the option of actually paying them. Case in point is Ars Technica which allows users to subscribe for an ad-free experience or use the site for free with ads. If more sites would adopt similar models, we might stand a chance of taking the internet back from the sensory-raping advertising cartels. I subscribe to Ars and whitelist Hack-a-Day in AdBlock because they make a genuine effort to improve the situation for their audiences. Slashdot allows me to disable advertising, so there is no need to block ads here. I like that these sites are setting an example, but the rest of the internet (or world-wide-web for you pedantic fuckers) needs to pay attention.

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