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Comment Re:Huh? (Score 1) 316

I never understood the DC and Marvel purchases. Sure they paid billions and got to make shitty movies using the existing characters, but how much less would they have made with their own characters? I suspect that the use of well-known preexisting characters probably didn't add enough to make the purchase worthwhile.

Comment Re:Worked@IBM in 1980's, left, because sucked. (Score 1) 303

I hear you.

The typical IM conversation from my OS English-as-a-second-language colleagues goes like so:
How are you?
Fine thanks, you
me too
(2 minutes pass)
Some barely comprehensible question that would have been better in an e-mail. At least an e-mail gives them time to gather thoughts and language

Comment Deal breaker (Score 1) 249

The are some major airlines on that list, and their bottom line will be really hurt by this. Several times a year I fly from Australian to Europe, and transit via the Middle East is a good option. Middle East transit is also a good option for New York (but not LA), and my wife is doing exactly that (Qatar) next month.

If I can't take a laptop to my final destination, I also can't take it from Australia to the Middle East. I'm not one of those constant workers on planes, but I do like to do a few hours, especially at the beginning of the flight. Not being able to use my laptop on a 24 hour flight is an absolute deal breaker. I will not transit in the Middle East - It'll be Singapore instead.

Business travel into New York or London will shrink dramatically for Emirates, Etihad and Qatar. Pity, they're all very good airlines. I wonder if commercial competition was a factor in this decision.

Comment Re:You have any stats (Score 1, Flamebait) 151

Do you really think there are large numbers of girls/women being forced into sex work against their will? Think about the problems organising such a thing.

Most of the customers would be appalled and report it (anonymously where illegal). Even if the first one or two customers didn't report it, the next would. The girls themselves would be very difficult to contain - what is to stop them yelling out, using a customer's phone, whatever.

It is possible that substantial trafficking happens in different cultures/countries, but I think it must be very rare in Western first-world countries.

Comment First day (Score 1) 513

It was his first day on the job!. He gets hired and THEN makes a bunch of demands. He should have been up-front about this during the application process. I'd have fired him too, even though I would have accommodated other staff who developed a similar home situation.

It was a bad faith negotiation on his part.

Comment Re:Alternatively: Buy Australian (Score 1) 274

Buying locally only makes sense when there is a competent and price competitive local supplier. Otherwise it is just pork-barreling and you end up with wasteful crap like the locally assembled submarines, also from South Australia.

If locally sourcing raises costs, then every OTHER industry in South Australia gets higher power costs and becomes less competitive. The main problem in South Australia is that they destroyed their fossil fuel power and just hoped for the best, rather than having built enough alternative sources FIRST.

Comment Re:AMD Ryzen 7 1800X Linux Benchmarks (Score 4, Interesting) 175

Yes, and it is more correct to say that Windows 7 does not support Ryzen or even Intel's latest. It was a crap move by Microsoft to sneakily renege on their advertised support schedule for Windows 7. "Yes, sure we support Windows 7 over the agreed lifecycle, but don't dare buy a new PC".

You can imagine how well that works in large organisations buying hundreds or thousands of PCs a month. Either you have to support Windows 7 AND Windows 10, or you migrate to Windows 10. The effect is what Microsoft want, at the cost of customer resentment.

Comment Re:Shop mentality vs office mentality (Score 1) 360

So a manager needs to understand the work they're managing? Everyone except management seems to know that. Some people have an aptitude for management, but I don't believe there's such a thing as s good 'generic' manager - managers need domain knowledge. If domain knowledge isn't needed, perhaps their role is just 'admin support' with a fancy name.

Comment Re:$90B in cash PLUS $50B in taxes (Score 1) 56

Thanks for the explanation. I still don't understand how this sort of thing is useful to a company in the long term.

They have to bring the cash back to the US at some point, to return it to shareholders (or is there a way around this). How many years can they continue this, or do MS plan to go into enormous debt in the US while having an even more enormous sum sitting in a Irish bank? They can't even use the Irish funds pay the bonds without bringing those funds back via the U.S. (can they?).

An unrealisable asset is hardly an asset at all.

I guess you can tell I am in I.T. and not finance.

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