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Comment Re:manbanging (Score 1) 151

A horny manatee?

True story - Conan O'Brien was waffling on as he is prone to do, and made up an imaginary web site called CBS had a policy of creating any web site mentioned on their shows, if it didn't already exist, to prevent someone else registering it and filling it with damaging content.

The clip is here,

Thus was born. The site is gone.

Comment Re:I believe this violates the Outer Space Treaty (Score 1) 256

I am not a legal expert but I believe their plan to produce a nuclear-armed spacecraft violates the Outer Space Treaty (to which Russia is a signatory) and specifically Article IV which says "States Parties to the Treaty undertake not to place in orbit around the earth any objects carrying nuclear weapons or any other kinds of weapons of mass destruction, install such weapons on celestial bodies, or station such weapons in outer space in any other manner." (which sounds like exactly what Russia wants to do)

Then again, with the way the Russian economy is these days, I dont think they have the funds to actually build or launch this thing so it wont matter...

As if a treaty would stop Putin. Treaties are tools enabling ruthless leaders to get advantage over non-ruthless leaders.

Comment Re: Rationale aside... (Score 1) 1592

I don't get this argument. Devaluing your currency isn't difficult..

Most countries don't have a fixed exchange rate - so devaluing is entirely the market's choice, not the central bank's.

Of course a big exporting country benefits from sharing a currency with weaker countries. It makes their exports cheaper in countries with a different currency.

Comment Re:100 (Score 1) 249

That is not correct. The standard of 100 is global, not per country, and some countries are almost 50 points ahead of others. I suspect that 100 was, at one time, the U.S. average, but I'm not sure.

For example, Hong Kong and Singapore have on average IQ of 108, U.K. is 100, and Australia and the U.S. have an average of 98. The bottom country is Equatorial Guinea with an average of only 59 - that average would be considered 'special needs' in Western countries. Most of sub-Saharan Africa is below 80.

I was surprised at how great the differences are.


Comment Nothing to do with Islam (Score 2) 1718


"Islamic State" was really meant to be named "Middle East Fun Club" but a printer confused two orders and MEFC ended up with all their letterhead and business cards saying "Islamic State".

What to do? They didn't want to pay for another round of printing, so they decided to stick with Islamic State, even though they had nothing to do with Islam.

In other news, true Scotsmen all over the world have denied any responsibility for the shootings.

Comment Re:Selling renwable power (Score 3, Funny) 107

.. and rounded corners.

The rounded corners mean that the electrons glide more easily through the power lines, reducing loss. They also reduce third harmonic distortion in audio systems, resulting in more 'open' and natural sound, especially when used with gold ethernet and speaker cables.

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